Author: Shawn


The Dyson vs. The Shark 

When I received Dyson five years ago as a gift, I was really happy because I couldn’t afford as it costs in average $500-600. It was my cherished dream to have it. I looked at its description many times, and was keen to try working…


Virtual Reels To Consider 

For centuries, people liked to gamble for having a fun experience. Things didn’t change much since then. With an increase of virtual gamble houses every year, we can understand how fun these games can be. Moreover, there are many casino games to choose from, like…


What Is The Difference Between SCADA And IoT? 

In the industrial sector, there is often a great deal of discussion about SCADA and the IoT, and often the terms feel like they are interchangeable. However, they are not really. Both mean some very different things, and it is important to understand the differences,…