Author: Shawn


How to Handle Business Data Storage? 

Businesses have many logistical needs, from customer management to staff handling; going through all other necessities they encounter on a daily basis. This often means having to manage and store a lot of data. In the digital era, most of that data will take place…

Mobile Apps

Bingo Bash App Review 

Call me old school, but for me, there is nothing like a good old game of Bingo to while away some down time. This is especially true when I am not in the mood for doing anything productive, like say during my morning commute. Maybe…

console gaming

How Gaming Has Evolved Over The Years? 

It might come as a surprise to most people, but the history of video games is already over 50 years old. Historians agree that the first video game was Spacewar, which was created by Steve “Slug” Russell, Martin “Shag” Graetz and Wayne Wiitanen at MIT….

First Steps in Becoming a Cabbie 

Being a taxi driver is not easy job. A taxi driver has to do too many things before driving a cab. This is not an easy task to complete. Taxi drivers keep driving whether it is day or night. A taxi driver is trained to…