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Top 3 Casino Apps for your Mobile 

When it comes to mobile gambling, you can often find yourself wasting most – not all – of your gaming time pondering how to choose the best casino site. While this part is important, as you don’t want to be playing your favourite games on…

Biometric Scans
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4 Strange, Untrue Myths About Biometrics 

When the iPhone 5S was released, it caused a stir due to the introduction of biometric technology as a security feature on the phone.For the first time, biometrics was introduced at the consumer level, adding a level of security that hadn’t been available previously. Biometrics…

Energy Grid

Is Our Energy Grid Safe? 

According to officials with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Homeland Security, the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to both physical and cyberattacks. In fact, reports have made clear that coordinated terrorist efforts could plunge the nation into a coast-to-coast blackout with relative ease….