Author: Shawn

First Steps in Becoming a Cabbie 

Being a taxi driver is not easy job. A taxi driver has to do too many things before driving a cab. This is not an easy task to complete. Taxi drivers keep driving whether it is day or night. A taxi driver is trained to…


Marketing In An E-Commerce-Driven World 

E-commerce and the rapidly evolving tech landscape has had a profound impact on marketing and retail during the last 15 years, opening up a wave of new outlets and avenues for marketers to showcase and sell their goods, products, and services to end-users. The rise…

Reputation Management

Why ORM will be Key in 2016 

Online reputation management (ORM) was always important, but in 2016 it’s expected to increase with new apps coming on to the scene that will increase transparency on the internet. We are social creatures and as much as we may protest these apps at first, word of mouth…