Author: Shawn


How to Identify Gaps in a Market? 

In the world of commerce, the greatest success stories are not always the most talked about. Although we’re all familiar with the tales of Philip Green and Alan Sugar, whose mainstream culture enterprises have become well known, it’s often the case that the most profitable…

Wearable Technology

Wearable Tech And Fashion Collide 

While wearable tech has grown in popularity in recent years, there are few who associate technology with the latest fashion. Although savvy shoppers are able to save money by using coupons from such sites as Discountrue or RetailMeNot on their smart watches, tracking devices and…


Should a BMW Be Your Next Car? 

BMW are still the leader in the luxury vehicle market, but they aren’t without competition. Together with companies like Lexus, Jaguar, and of course the other two German manufacturers that make up the so-called “big three,” Mercedes-Benz and Audi, they’ve built a reputation on creating…