Are you a bookworm looking for sites offering eBooks?

Was AudioBookBay your first preference and you can’t access the site anymore?

Read on and learn more about AudioBookBay and the best AudioBookBay alternatives so that you never have to worry about free eBooks anymore.

What is AudioBookBay?

AudioBookBay is the best site that allows people to view eBooks and popular books without paying money. The website is quite prominent among its competitors. It offers online copies of books and novels written by highly lauded authors.

Such books are protected to utilize and are accessible free of charge to all customers. You can quickly find your favorite novels or books on-site. When you have access to the link, start installing immediately. The interface is pretty great too.

What AudiobookBay is not working?

The domain is regularly changed for the website. You may not be able to access the platform and enjoy your favorite audiobooks. However, there are mirror sites and equally amazing alternatives that you can try. 

So, to have never-ending access to your favorite content, it is high time to look for an Audiobook alternative.

Here, we have listed the top contenders of the platform that give access to tons of audiobooks to explore. 

Dig into the list and choose an alternative that caters to your needs perfectly.

Top 20 Alternatives to AudioBook Bay In 2023

1. Audible

Audible is another fantastic choice like the Audio Book Bay site. The website has quite interesting characteristics that really help consumers discover their favorite eBooks they’re searching for. 

It consists of a vast database that allows it to retain a lot of files. In seconds, users could have access to them. For all such reasons, this site is included in the top list of suggested AudioBook Bay alternatives. 

The platform gives a 30-day free trial period in which you get two audiobooks for free. It is a venture powered by Amazon.

Once you get the books, they are yours forever. You can listen to them whenever you want.

Check this eBook site.

2. Loyal Books

It’s simple to utilize Loyal Books to access free audio novels. It is a free application having 24,000 plus free audiobooks. The platform was previously known as Bookshouldbefree.

You can see eBooks by language and genres such as Kids, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, etc. There are tons of options to explore and several other filters to funnel down your search.

Moreover, you can even hear novels by downloading different MP3 files together in one ZIP file. If you use any iOS device, then the platform offers M4B files so that you do not miss your favorite ebooks. 

With the application’s help, you can see several popular books and view them by title, style, or author. You can search for specific keywords and access all the latest ones in no time.

Check this eBook site.

3. ThoughtAudio

ThoughtAudio has classic literary works and ideology accessible for installation as free downloadable books. You can explore all the books to find something to entertain your mood, or if you have any specifics, then there is a provision to search for it directly.

On top of that, you can sort the books in order of their launch date on the platform. You can listen to them directly on the platform or download them and save a copy on your local device. 

You also get PDF transcriptions of your favorite audiobook, which can be downloaded in no time.

Check this eBook site.

4. Storynory

Storynory is a website that brings fantastic audio tales every week through the beguiling speech of Natasha Goswick. All things on site are unique and ideal to amuse kids. The site is mainly designed for children and provides an interface to a bunch of entertaining songs, poems, and a vast selection of eBooks.

The site incorporates a media player where you can listen to all the stories. Even some of the stories are available for download. 

The site is responsive and works perfectly on smartphones. You can download the stories on your smartphone and make your kids listen to them whenever you want.

Check this eBook site.

5. Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is an excellent platform to search for different audiobooks and podcasts. You can download them on your device and listen to them anytime, anywhere. All you need is to install software that supports Torrent downloads.

After you have that client software, you can visit the site and search for your favorite content. Once you get your desired content, you can download the torrent file and start the downloading process on the client software. With good internet speed, the download will be complete in no time.

Once the file is downloaded, you can listen to it anywhere and transfer it to your smartphone or any other portable device.

The platform is free to use, and you do not have to pay even a single penny to download your favorite content. The site is mobile and tablet-friendly.

The user interface is quite easy to understand. Anyone can explore all the content on the site smoothly.

Check this eBook site.

6. OverDrive

If users enjoy quality audiobooks and eBooks, OverDrive is likely the finest place for you. It emerges with a broad range of material in distinct genres. You’ll have access to compilations from one’s library and much more. 

For easy accessibility on the go, OverDrive has an Android and iOS application Libby that you could use to reach your favorite books anyplace at any time. Something to mention regarding Libby is – it has a built-in eBook reader and an attractive audio version player. Consumers can also send novels to their Kindle.

Check this eBook site.

7. Librivox

Librivox has one of the oldest sites offering these services. It’s got about 8,000 titles, which users could select from even if this isn’t as huge as other sites that offer subscription functionalities, which are truly great reads as you could even receive them for free.

You can even install them, read them, view them through your iOS or Android device, and burn them to a CD to store them forever. Put simply, Librivox has quite a large collection of any material you might be looking for in the audiobook world.  

All the material is excellently organized in distinct classifications for easy connectivity. The kindle books in Librivox are available in over 35 languages. As such, if users are native to another dialect, the site is great to recognize the material of the book.

You can access most of the content without any registration fee or membership. However, if you wish to access all the content on the site, you can select the subscription plan. After paying the fee, you will get full access and enjoy all the content without any unnecessary hassle.

Check this eBook site.

8. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a famous platform for accessing trendy digital books, audiobooks, and many digital media sources. It has quite adaptive and friendly functionality with material well organized in classifications for quick access. You will love the diverse range that is accessible on the platform. There are many audiobooks to select from.

The navigation of the website is quite user-friendly. Kudos to the integrated sitemap function. This enables consumers to verify the separate types and scan the material they want. Apart from audiobooks and ebooks, the platform has a lot to offer. 

You can access all the content free of cost. No registration or login is needed. Merely look at your favorite audio version by tapping the install button. You just need client software to download the torrent file.

Check this eBook site.

9. LearnOutLoud

There are dozens of great academic and video clip titles at LearnOutLoud, such as free audiobooks, speeches, documentaries, etc. Free audio novels can be hunted by newly acquired, most popular, random, or chronological. 

There are particular classifications that users can choose to explore all the content. There are various niches to discover in audiobooks like Technology, Science, Self-Development, Industry, and Travel. 

Such free books could be live-streamed or if users sign up for an account, installed by “purchasing.” 

Check this eBook site.

10.  FreeClassicAudioBooks

This site provides all its customer’s great novels and philosopher titles. You get access to tons of options to explore on the platform. Other than audiobooks, you get PDF transcriptions on the same platform.

 But a big problem with the website is that you cannot download all the files collectively. You can listen to them directly on the platform, or you have to download them in installments.

Check this eBook site.

11.  Project Gutenberg

Cherish over 57000 eBooks free of charge on this platform. Project Gutenberg is a free platform offering a huge collection of trendy literature and excellent audiobooks. 

There are many classics available on the site. You can explore the links on the homepage to find something that concerns your subject. If you have anything specific to find, then you can use the search bar to find it directly and save time.

You can download the content on your device or save it in the cloud to listen to them whenever you want. 

Check this eBook site.

12.  Open Culture

Open Culture is a free web society and academic media offering a wide range of audiobooks, courses, movies, eBooks, and language classes. Everything on the platform is totally free, and users could access them anytime in the world—download thousands of great audiobooks, mainly classic for mp3 player desktop. 

There are around 1000 audiobooks accessible for download as well as updates on a regular basis with fresh things to give more. The internet framework puts high-quality educational and cultural channels for lifelong teaching groups worldwide.

Check this eBook site.

13.  Lit2Go

This is the biggest online collection of poems and tales in audio version format. All materials on Lit2Go have an abstract, a quote, a running time, and a phrase count for every audiobook. 

With the prior information, you can make a better choice while selecting the audiobook. It has a unique and interactive interface that is mobile-friendly. 

You can access all the content without paying even a single penny. Just connect your device to the internet, and you are good to go.

Check this eBook site.

14.  Audiobook Sync (SYNC)

Audiobook Sync is a decent platform for kids older than 13 years to enhance their skills while spring break. There are tons of ebooks to read, but the platform also issues two audiobooks every season.

It’s an ideal thing for students to hone their cognitive skills before going back to school. Adults also get a good deal for grabbing some of these audiobooks.  

The SYNC system is funded through AudioFile Magazine, and it can be used via the Sora app. You could even sign in email alerts as to when SYNC gets fresh titles.

Check this eBook site.

15.  Audiobooks

Audiobooks is one of the best alternatives to AudioBookBay. You get tons of torrent links to download your favorite content.

You only need client software to start the downloading process. With good internet speed, you can download stuff in a matter of time.

Check this eBook site.

16.  Spotify

Audiobooks on the Spotify platform? Sure, but there is a catch. You can only download them if you have paid for the subscription plan. Basically, the platform is more famous for accessing all the latest music, but you can get your favorite audiobooks on this platform too. 

The platform runs perfectly on laptops and smartphones. Just visit the site or app and start exploring your favorite content. 

Check this eBook site.

17.  YouTube

Same as Spotify, YouTube is not mainly a great source in audiobooks, as most of the material is songs and videos. 

Even so, you might be lucky enough to discover a few really nice free audio novels on YouTube. You can use the search bar to look for your favorite content. 

There is no need to make an account to explore and watch your favorite content. Just open the site on your device and start exploring the content.

Check this eBook site.

18.  Scribl

Scribl is an entirely different audiobook site. You get some audiobooks for free bucks. The interface is quite easy to navigate, and you get tons of filters to search for your favorite content.

Generally, when you search for anything, you get a combination of ebooks and audiobooks. So, if you are looking only for audiobooks, then use the filter to screen your search.

You will find some of the unique podcasts on the platform, which will be only available on this platform. So, don’t wait or look anywhere else before Scribl starts putting a price on them too.

Check this eBook site.

19.  Hoopla

Hoopla is a decent platform to access audiobooks if you have a library card. You get tons of options to explore and download.

There are several genres available on the site. There are some predefined lists to explore the content. You can even search for a specific book in the search bar to reduce the hassle. 

You also get different categories to explore and look for your favorite content. All the audiobooks can be broadcasted from your desktop or other devices like Android, IOS, Roku, FireTV, Chromecast, etc.

Check this eBook site.

20.  Digitalbook is yet another excellent website to explore tons of audiobooks and download them. This platform was first known as Librophile.

Access by recent trends or high rated to seek the content that you may like, or stare through the list of styles or authors. You can even install the entire audiobook or specific paragraphs and listen to it on the website. 

There are over 100,000 things on, while a few are audiobooks, others consist of standard eBooks. 

You can listen to audiobooks as podcasts on the iTunes platform. You will get most of the popular books on the platform. Other than that, there are tons of categories to explore and filters to refine your search. 

Check this eBook site.

Final verdict

So, here are all the top contenders of the Audio Book Bay platform. You can explore the whole list and start using the one that delivers the best content.

All the alternatives are safe to use and are working correctly. All you need is a stable internet connection to explore all the content. There are a lot of books out there waiting for you -Cherish them!


1. What is the Audio Book Bay platform, and what do you get on it?

The platform gives access to tons of audiobooks so that you can watch and download them. The platform is free to use, so you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

There are tons of options to explore on the platform. If you have a certain title that you want to search, then you can use the search bar to find it. However, for the past few months, the platform is not stable. The platform’s domain name is changing, so if you want to enjoy the content, you have to look for other alternatives.

2. Is it safe to use the above-mentioned platforms?

Yes, they are safe to use. You can get your favorite content in no time without any unnecessary threats. However, if you want to protect your privacy and add an extra layer of protection, then you can use VPN, anti-malware, and antivirus software.

You can get the working links of every alternative in the above list. Just connect your device to the internet and explore all your favorite options.