Are you looking for an all-in-one tool to record and manage your music and video files with a fantastic editor to modify them? Don’t worry. Audials One 2023 is here to the rescue. The Windows software features a user-friendly interface that is quite easy to navigate. You get different tabs to explore new music, videos, radio, and podcasts.

Besides this, you can explore the downloaded files on your device through the Files tab. On top of this, you can record music files and video files through Audials One. The tool has several more excellent features that allow you to enjoy high-quality music and videos.

Here, in this detailed review, we have covered all the tool’s new features. Let us dive into the details.

New & Updated Features of Audials One 2023

High-Speed & Parallel Recording

With Audials One 2023, you can record videos, movies, and TV shows at a higher speed. You can change the settings under the speed section before downloading the video. Here are the detailed steps.

  • Click on the Video Streaming tab under the Record menu on the left side of the window.

  • Now select the video streaming service from which you want to download your content(movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc.)

  • Click on the drop-down list under the speed section and select the high-speed options.

  • Also, you can select the parallel setting to record the video content in parts. The tool will download the video in different parts and merge them together when all the parts are downloaded completely. This further increases the downloading speed.

Better Video Quality Recordings

With Audials One, you can download high-resolution videos from different streaming services. You can change the resolution and other format settings of the video file with ease. Let us look at the detailed steps to change the format settings.

  • Click on the Video Streaming tab and open the service to search for the video file that you want to download. Here, we use YouTube.

  • Now search the video file and click on the Other format option.

  • You can change the resolution of the video file here.

  • If you wish to change the format, then click on the Change output profile settings options in the Other formats menu.

  • You can change the video format according to your wish.

  • Moreover, you can change the audio format of the video file.

Batch Recording

With Audials One, you can download video files in a batch. For example, you wish to download the whole season of your favorite TV series. You can add the URLs and download them without any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, if you wish to download some specific episodes, you can load the whole list and select the ones that you want to download.

Refined Audio In Downloaded Video Content

Sometimes, you may find that dialogues have a lower quality than the other sound in your video file. You may not be able to fully understand the audio of the movie or TV show. With Audials One, you can add a refined audio file that improves the speech quality and reduces the extra sounds and noises so that you can understand everything properly.

  • Click on the Video Tab and search for the video file that you want to modify.

  • Now, click on the edit button on the video file.

  • The video editor will open with the video file. Select the Video option in the editor.

  • Now select the Speech Boost option.

  • Now select the boost level according to your requirements and click on the Add audio track option.

  • Wait for the tool to complete the process.


Fantastic Video Editor

Audials One 2023 features an outstanding video editor that you can use to crop, cut and export parts of any recorded video.

  • Open the Video tab and look for the recorded video file that you wish to edit.
  • Hover on the video thumbnail and click on the pencil-shaped icon to edit the video.

  • You will see a video editor with your video file.
  • The Tags window contains all the information about the file. You will see the cover image, storage folder path, file name, description, duration, file size, and other relevant information.
  • In the Video window, you can cut, crop, and export the parts of your video.

  • You can edit the whole video or change the settings of each frame.

  • Also, you can replay the edited video at different speeds.

  • In the Subtitles window, you can add the subtitle file from your device or search for it.

Download Subtitles from the streaming site

Several times, you are not able to find the subtitles of the video content. However, with Audials One 2023, you can import the subtitles directly from streaming services like Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, etc.

  • Click on the Video Recording tab and select any video streaming service. Here, we use Amazon Video services.

  • Click on the drop-down list under the subtitles options.

  • You can search for the file. You can change the language setting according to your requirement.

  • You can add the subtitle layer from the streaming service and save it separately.

  • Moreover, you can render the subtitle layer into the video file.

High-Quality Music Recordings

You can download refines and pitch-perfect music files, podcasts, and other audio files through Audials One 2023.

  • Click on the Music Streaming tab and select any service to download the music files. Here we choose Amazon Music Services.

  • Now, select the quality according to your need. You can change the output format and select anyone from the list.

Feature-rich music editor

With Audials One 2023, you get an excellent music editor that you can use to normalize the volume, remove silences from the audio, and export short parts of the audio into new files.

  • Click on the Music tab and select the file that you want to edit.

  • Hover your mouse over the track and click on the pencil-shaped button to open the music editor.

  • Here you can use the normalizer and remove the silences from the audio.

  • Moreover, you export small parts of the file into new files.

Automatic Ad Detection

Audials One 2023 highlights all the ads when recording any video content from the streaming service so you can get rid of them at once. This way, you can enjoy your movie or TV show without unnecessary interruptions from irritating ads.

Swift & Easy Management

Audials One 2023 displays all your audio and video files so that you don’t have to go through the unnecessary hassle of finding them on your device. You get the full path of all your files in the Files tab, reducing the time and hassle of finding them.

Better Performance With 64-Bit Data Processing

Whether your device has 8 GB or 16 GB RAM, Audials One 2023 uses it completely for data processing to provide you with improved performance and speed. The software is optimized to offer higher efficiency while recording, editing, and managing your PC’s audio and video files.

Final Verdict

Here are the details of the updated and new features of Audials One 2023. The tool encompasses everything to download, edit and manage your audio and video files. Moreover, it is fully optimized to offer high-speed recordings and editing. It also comes with a demo mode to get familiar with its features. So, stop wasting your time and download the software to enjoy its perks.