There is no scarcity for movie or video streaming services nowadays. In fact, we think there are too many of them in the current market. However, there is no single place where you can find all your favorite movies or documentaries, right? Also, it’s a bummer that most of these services don’t allow you to actually download content for offline access. These give all the more reasons to build an offline movie collection!

The Need for Offline Media Consumption and Management

Indeed, we have heard of and used some of the popular media management software out there. However, it seems that none of them offer a comprehensive control when it comes to recording, downloading as well as organizing media content as per your convenience. That is why we were so impressed when we met the brand-new Audials One 2020.

Audials One 2020 aims to be your most powerful companion for every single media consumption need. From downloading/recording available content to discovering content of your taste, there is a lot it can do. In this article, we have done a short review of Audials One 2020, in light of our hands-on experience. As someone who consumes a lot of media, I found these points valid.

About Audials One 2020

As mentioned, Audials One 2020 is an all-in-one media management tool available for Windows PC. You can use this utility to find, record and organize a variety of content — including but not limited to music, movies, radio and audiobooks. For each of these content types, optimized recording options are available. It’s like a powerful assistant who knows everything and anything about media management. From recording content from Netflix to finding news music tracks based on your taste, there is nothing that Audials One 2020 can’t do at this point.

To give you a clear idea, we are splitting the capabilities of Audials One 2020 into four sections — which are Music, Radio and Movies & TV. Let’s see how the program performs in these sections.

Your Music Collection

Music section of Audials One 2020 allows you to download and save high-quality tracks from a wide variety of sources. Platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music, SoundCloud etc. are easily supported — and you can record music directly from radio stations as well. Master quality is something assured when we consider Audials One 2020 downloads/recordings. Last but not least, you can be sure that the program takes less time to download everything you want.

And, while you are listening to a track you love, the program would find awesome things in the background.

Your Favorite Radios

There are several online radio stations out there at this point and Audials One 2020 will keep you stuck to a lot of them. You can explore 10,000 stations across the globe and record content at 320kbps. Audials One 2020 is so intelligent that it can automatically remove commentaries and commercials from the end-result of recording. You can even use the same engine for setting up timer-based recordings. Don’t want to miss a specific show at 5AM? Don’t worry.

Once again, Audials One 2020 surprises you by finding covers and lyrics for things you record.

Movies, TV and More

Audials One 2020 is the only software you need for quenching your thirst for movies and TV content. Given that you have an option to record content from both the sections, you can actually find any movie you want. If you cannot find something on Netflix, don’t worry about that — we are talking about 300 Live TV streams and the support for almost all streaming service here. Thanks to optimized recording profiles, Audials One 2020 gives the best results too.

As always, Audials One 2020 would make valuable recommendations based on learned taste.

More and More

There are also some miscellaneous features worth noting in the Audials One 2020 package. For instance, it’s having a powerful media manager, where you can arrange your content based on metadata. In the same, it lets you manage duplicate versions, transfer content to different devices and even convert audio files for an improved compatibility.

And, the developers keep adding features.

The Bottom Line

We stand by our opinion that Audials One 2020 is the best companion you can have to create and manage a wonderful collection of audio, video and other media content. Thanks to the simple UI and simplified set of navigation rules, it’s all good in terms of performance as well.