Audials Music Rocket is a booster for all music platforms and internet radio stations. It is the best software solution to feed your passion for the music. This software is supported with Windows 10, 8 and 7. But we are not saying this just for the sake of saying it. Check out the features yourself and you’ll know why we are right.

Let’s have a look to the features which makes Audials Music Rocket best among all the other products available in market.


audials musicrocket radio

This application has world’s largest database with more than 100,000 Internet radio stations. It supports all main stream types. It provides overview of – “Similar stations and matching categories” for every radio stations. If you have played frequently any station, then then it is shown with the photo of that artist on the front site.

It also has option to open websites of every radio station in the browser. You can create any number of favorite lists with this amazing software. The lyrics of the songs you download are saved automatically by meta-search.

Music Search

Audials music search

Audials Music Rocket 2017 provides a facility of simultaneous search from numerous Internet portals. You can search your desired songs by artist name, genre or compilation directly with this software.

There is an option to filter your list of similar songs by popular songs, new songs and evergreens as well. Songs are suggested by Audials Music Rocket from a certain year that matches your taste.

You can simultaneously record and download as many music files as you want. The ID3 tags, lyrics and album art are automatically added to all recorded songs by Audials Music Rocket.

Music Wishes

audials musicrocket music wishes

Lists of your wishes are automatically fulfilled in the background. The software searches for radio stations and automatically records a station when your desired songs are played. You always get the best version of your desired song. It will also show you the versions of the songs, which you already have recorded.

It will automatically create a smart playlist, which will have all the songs of your wishlist. Sounds nice right?!!!


This application contains a database of more than 150,000 international podcasts. The flexible navigation enables sorting by language, category or popularity. You can watch all the episodes immediately via streaming. New episodes are automatically updated.

Audials Music Rocket shows information about the podcast contents. You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts and download them.

Music TV

Audials Music Rocket has many music channels with a selection of top channels. You can add new channels as well or adjust the size of the player and set it on the full screen mode.

Media Center

audials musicrocket media center

You get a convenient player with playlist management functions and display of song lyrics. Artist photos are automatically reloaded and displayed. Audials Music Rocket supports links to online videos in the playlist. You can your music, video podcasts, radio show recordings and audio podcasts.

Now, you would have realized that you don’t need to purchase and install a number of software on your system. Audials Music Rocket is the one stop solution for every die hard music fan. If you have used this amazing application then share your views on it, and if you have not used it, then go for it. I hope you will surely like it.

Download the free demo version or buy the full version of Audials Music Rocket