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Asus Zenfone C – An Impressive Budget Smartphone 

Asus Zenfone C – An Impressive Budget Smartphone

Zenfone C is the latest version of the Zenfone series of smart phones released by the Asus Company. It is a very impressive smart phone piece for the ones who want impressive features in a limited budget. Its cost is even low than ten thousand rupees in India as of now.


What makes Zenfone C a budget phone?

There are certain features that have been incorporated in this smart phone and that too without raising its cost.

The amazing software features:

  • It runs on a dual core Intel Atom Z2520 processor which gives the speed of 1.2GHz to the phone.
  • It offers RAM of the capacity of 1GB
  • Along with RAM it also offers an internal storage capacity of 8GB
  • The phone also all the basic features of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity system, FM radio and a 64GB microSD card.
  • All the important apps come pre-installed in it.

Besides these software features there are several good hardware features as well that make the phone a one thing to buy if your budget is low.

  • It has got a fine screen of 4.5 inches, making it easy to handle in your hand
  • Look-wise, it is a very chunky piece to handle. It is available in three amazing colours: black, red and white
  • It has also got a very fine shiny chin that makes it very attractive to see


The best feature in the phone:

The phone has a very amazing app that lets you control your computer system with your phone, but it lets you control only the PCs, not the laptops.  It has the very amazing PC link and remote link feature in it.

The apps:

Omlet: this app is an amazing platform of chatting with your friends

Zinio: it is a very useful app for reading digital magazines

Supernote: this app lets you create amazing variety of images and take notes.

You get all these basic required features in just one phone which is Asus Zenfone C and that too in a minimal cost. It does not get heavy on your pocket and nicely fits your budget. Although, it is a low cost phone yet all the required features have been added into it.

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