Category: Artificial Intelligence

How is Blockchain And AI A Perfect Match 

Be it peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin  or Mick and Keith, all of them have proven to be  great partnerships or successful marriages so to speak. When their paths merged, magic happened to forge culinary, comic book history and music. Similarly, whenever two…

Was 2018 The Year Of AI? What Will 2019 Bring? 

AI was one of the most common tech buzzwords of 2018, cropping up everywhere from search giants to satellite navigation. Although the definition – artificial computer intelligence – might seem precise, in practise it covers a range of applications based around machine learning algorithms. These…

Artificial Intelligence Drives Business Fulfilment 

According to PwC Research, 72% of respondents stated that AI will be fundamental to their business in the coming future; in fact, it will be a business advantage. Visionary leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will be crucial to providing businesses with a future edge….