In this 20th edition of the magazine LICENCIAS DE ACTUALIDAD, Artesanía Cerdá has been selected once again this year as a company that stands out in its field for its management as a licensee

Artesanía Cerdá has won the award for Best Licensed Brand in the 2022 edition of the Licencias Actualidad awards, which are organized every year to recognize the work of professionals in the sector. 

There is no doubt that to obtain a recognition such as the one awarded by LICENCIAS DE ACTUALIDAD it is necessary for the support of a whole team of professionals rowing in the same direction. This award comes to Artesanía Cerdá at a key moment for the sector where new challenges and new forms and channels of consumption have arisen. 

José Francisco Cerdá, Marketing Director of Artesanía Cerdá, says: “As part of the strategy for the coming years, Artesanía Cerdá is focusing on the development of several projects linked to sustainability, the sustained growth of the activity, and the continuous digital transformation of our team and our processes”. 

In addition to the awards, this new edition of the magazine has meant for the entire licensing sector, a breath of fresh air and hopeful news that lead to wanting to undertake new projects to address the new trends that have emerged after the pandemic. 

Year after year, all the companies nominated for the LICENCIAS ACTUALITY AWARDS, take on the task of evaluating their processes and implementing improvements that will lead them to achieve this recognition, which makes this more than recognition, a stimulus to do things better. 

About Cerdá 

The Cerdá Group specializes in the production and distribution of licensed products from world-renowned entertainment brands: Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Universal… The brand’s products range from clothing and footwear, accessories, complements… to a complete line for pets. A whole range of articles is designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. The basis of the company is centered on the talent of its team, which over the years has consolidated itself as a benchmark company in a large number of European countries.