The world of business online is evolving fast. With major players like Google and Yahoo cracking down on websites they believe to be making attempts to “game the system” to obtain higher website search rankings, some have even gone so far as to say that SEO is on the way out. To some degree, that may be true. But that doesn’t mean businesses need to sit back and leave their web properties to the whims for the web.

It’s not so much the search engine optimization agencies are obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the successful agencies are evolving to be more than simple SEO. In fact, many are making the move to become full service digital marketing companies instead. As such, they can focus their efforts on performance based marketing.


Display Advertising for Mobile Markets

There are several areas where marketing efforts are, simply put, better placed for many small businesses than search engine optimization With more than 50 percent of consumers making their purchases on mobile devices rather than personal computers, it’s time for even small businesses to look to an online marketing agency that can meet their mobile marketing needs.

Recent trends indicate that the number of people making purchases via mobile devices will only grow in the future. Plus these number do not include people who view items on mobile devices and then walk into the local store to make the purchase.

Display advertising makes that possible by allowing you to specifically target a select audience to view your ads. You can narrow your focus to age, gender, religious identity, and even specific geographic locations. This allows you to choose your audience from among those most likely to buy your products and to create ads designed just for them.

social media marketing 2

Social Media Marketing

Mobile marketing isn’t the only story in the game, though. Social media marketing plays a vital role in engaging your target audience and establishing credibility. Social media makes it possible to start conversations with your target market but can quickly backfire without a firm strategy in place.

That is why it is so important to also seek the services of a full service digital marketing agency, like EQ Works that offers a robust combination of real time bidding, display advertising, social media marketing, and mobile marketing expertise.

While the days of paying attention to SEO are far from over, the days of relying solely on good SEO to get the attention of customers and make the sales are. Businesses that do not adopt a more aggressive and well-rounded approach to their online marketing are doomed to fail in this critical area.

The rules are changing at alarming rates and will only increase more as technology evolves. You need to work with an agency that has its fingers on the pulse of cutting edge technologies so you can be certain your business doesn’t get left behind and your advertising methods do not become obsolete.