We’ve all seen shopping deals like these: Buy one, get one free. Or “Spend $200 and get a gift worth $50.” Everyone likes these offers because they promise free items or promise more value to your money.

In the online gaming world, one of the most popular offers revolves around free spins. You could get ten spins on a popular game for creating a new account. Or you could be surprised with 200 free games after you make a deposit. Are these free spins worth the hassle?

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are easy to claim. And they are worth your time for genuine reasons. For starters, they provide you with a chance to win real money. So, even if you’re not a big fan of slots, you could claim the rewards for a chance to win cash.

Unlike many bonuses, no deposit free spins come with few requirements. The first condition is to create an account at an online casino. That’s simple enough—only an email address and password are required.

Another reason to claim no deposit spins is that they can help you evaluate a website. They help you gain first-hand experience playing a casino. And you can check its website design, loading speed and whether games lag or crash.

First-Deposit Free Spins

First-deposit free spins are a lot more common than no deposit freebies. And it makes a lot of sense. Many businesses want to be sure you’re a potential customer before they reward you with a bonus.

For casinos, that means you get a bonus after you deposit money into your account. The minimum amount required is $10 to $20. After that, you could get an incentive matching your amount plus free spins.

The beauty of deposit-based free spins at dreamz.com is that they are plenty. You could get 50 spins on a legendary game like Book of Dead or up to 300 spins on various games. By comparison, many operators limit you to 10-20 no deposit free games. 

No Wager Free Spins

Many casino players live by one rule—no wager free spins are a must-claim. That’s because they are the closest thing to getting free money from a casino you can get. There are several ways of qualifying for these rewards.

At some websites, no wager free spins are for new customers. So, the requirement is to sign up for a free account.  At other casinos, the condition is to be a loyal player and get no wager free spins randomly.

In other words, you can’t be sure when you’ll qualify for no wager free spins. But if you’re ever lucky enough, accept these rewards. They could help you win $20 or $100 you can use as your bankroll or withdraw it for something else.

Reload Free Spins

Reload free spins are a type of deposit-based rewards. Casinos give them out to loyal customers after they reload money into their accounts. In many sites, there are specific days when you qualify for a reload bonus.

At some casinos, you get a reload bonus if you top-up money on a weekday. At others, you receive free spins if you deposit cash on the weekend. Still, to be clear, some websites award you incentives nearly every time you fund your account.

Importantly, reload bonuses come in much smaller amounts than first deposit incentives. So, don’t expect 100 or 200 free spins six months after you join a casino. Instead, you could get 10 to 50 free games depending on the operator’s generosity.

Loyalty Program Free Spins

Loyalty programs are increasingly becoming popular at online casinos. Some operators call them VIP programs to give players the feeling of being part of the high rollers’ club. But regardless of their names, they work in a similar fashion. 

You receive points every time you spend money inside a casino—one point for every $1, $5 or $10 gambled. When you accrue 50-250 points, you get an upgrade on the VIP level-based system.

The benefit of leveling up is that it helps you earn bigger bonuses. For example, a Gold member player could earn 50 free spins every week while a bronze level player might qualify for only 10 free spins.

That said, leveling up is easier said than done. You must play casino games regularly to earn points. And at some casinos, your VIP status is reviewed monthly. That means if you stay away from betting for a while, you could easily lose your status.

Casino-Exclusive Free Spins

Every casino is different and the best operators have free spin deals you can’t find anywhere else. For example, they might have a tournament where you play specific slots every day, week or month. And if you win, you earn free spins.

Another common trend involves completing missions, quests and winning trophies. A casino could challenge you to win 50x your stake at a slot. In exchange, you receive 20 free spins with no wagering requirements. Or you could get awarded free money to complete a quest in the form of winning a slot jackpot.

Additionally, some casinos give you free spins on your birthday or during national holidays. Others have promotions for new slots and you could claim a handful of free games.

What else should you know about free spins?

Free spins attract terms and conditions. And depending on how strict these terms are, a bonus deal could be useless. Let’s face it. A deal that involves ten deposit free spins, 99 wagering requirements and $10 maximum withdrawal is not worth your effort.

For starts, you must spend you cash to claim the bonus. Then you’re limited to $10 as your profit and you have to spend $990 to fulfill wagering requirements. Against that backdrop, take time before you claim casino bonuses.

Read their terms and conditions to discover the nitty-gritty of their incentives. If a bonus has fair policies, then claim it and use it to have fun and win money. If it sounds like a hassle, avoid it.