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Brosix – Encrypted Group Chat For Your Team 

The market for messaging and chat applications is saturated with apps like Viber, Skype, etc. However, these applications are focused primarily on the private consumer market, and fail to address business and team collaboration needs. They do not provide essential features and fail to fulfil…


The ETX Trader Pro App Is It Right For You 

If you are about to enter the world of financial market trading, it is imperative that you have several weapons in your armoury. Knowledge is perhaps the most important of these, as this creates a source of insight and determinism that enables you to make…


6 Free Movies Streaming Apps For iPhone Users 

Movies are something always considered as the best source of utilizing leisure time among the people. Every individual wants to feel relax after a busy and hectic working day in the office and watching your favorite movie can surely make your day and infuse confidence…