best snapchat spy apps

5 Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps 

It’s now quite hard not to use an emoji or send pictures as you communicate via the phones. It is also common to use more than one social media platform to communicate and express your feelings. One of the preferred platforms nowadays is the Snapchat…


Native Vs Cross-Platform App Development 

With the advancements in technologies over the years, native app development is not the only option that is out there in the market. Developers have the option of going hybrid as they rely on browser rendering and web technologies. There are even cross-platform app development…


How Does A Typical Metered Billing Application Work? 

A lot of buzz is being created around current and trending billing options like metered or usage-based. Customers are preferring these options over subscription-based billing all around the world. However, businesses still do not have complete information regarding what metered billing or usage-based billing is all about….