When developing your app on boarding experience for your audience, it’s important to make sure the customer experience is flawless. Capturing their feedback is key. One of the most powerful tools for improving the customer experience is through in-app surveys. These surveys can help promote new features, collect feedback and recapture the attention of disengaged users. This means you must target the right audience at the right time.

Here are a few tips:

  • Segment

Segment your audience to address different audiences based on preferences, past activity, location and other demographic information.

  • Don’t waste time

The amount of time spent in your app is valuable to your users. Stick to one, comprehensive question.

  • Use context

Use past in-app engagement metrics, such as the purchaser visited a specific screen or used a specific feature to determine the best time to display the survey based on user engagement.

  • Communicate

Be personal and personable in letting your audience know you heard what they said.

  • Engage

Keep the conversation going after the survey by engaging your users through ongoing surveys and questions. This will tell you what works, what you need to fix, and more.

How can you do this?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Measure user satisfaction

User feedback is critical for your business to succeed. Using surveys can provide insight, help you develop more personalized experiences, and extend your conversation with your audience. This will let you know when they are unhappy and why. It will also give you direction on providing special incentives for loyal users.

  • Introduce a new app feature

Use a survey to introduce a new feature while gaining insight on uses and value. Users like to be engaged. Use this opportunity to keep them interested in your product. Investing time and money in development means nothing if you can’t get your users to engage. A survey will give you the information you need to make the app interesting and draw new or users who have not used the app in a while.

  • Collect data

Surveys will help you determine where you need to improve, or what you need to develop next. The data you collect will push your in-app marketing efforts, and help build your platform. Data should be the fuel that drives your decisions.

  • Promotions

Using surveys for promotions can be a useful strategy. You can upsell, register them for a new service, entice users to buy, or introduce a paid version of your app that has additional features that may be of interest. It gives a personal touch to the consumer journey – one you can’t afford to ignore. Don’t overload them, but make sure they are personal and timely.

These tips should assist in providing a valued app onboarding experience for your users, both new and old. Knowing what your users need, want, and their feelings on what already exists should be an integral part of your business model, and eventually your success.

Pay attention to what your audience has to say. It only takes a few seconds to gain insight from one question. Whether you’re doing something right or wrong, your audience will be eager to tell you more.