Clicking pictures has always been one the major uses of an iPhone. Whether you’re the outgoing type or you prefer to stay home and just relax, you definitely have clicked pictures on your iPhone. However, one thing that has always haunted iPhone users is the limited storage. There is no way to expand the on-board storage and your iPhone will probably run out of storage space. That can be avoided by 2 means: deleting the existing photos from your device or moving them to an external storage device. Nobody likes deleting their photos, right? So the only practical option you’re left with is to move your photos to another storage device and that is what this article is about. Today, we’ll be talking about AnyTrans. So let’s get to reviewing this iPhone manager.


  • Transfer data to your new iPhone

anytrans transfer data to new iphone

AnyTrans comes with special Phone Clone and Phone merge apps that lets you shift and merge data. Using the clone feature, you can copy the content from one of your iPhones to another one. The task is as easy as a click: all your photos, game data, contacts and all the files will be copied in an instant to the second phone. The merge feature on the other hand can come in handy if you have been using two phones and want to shift to one. The merge feature copies all the data from both the phones and merges them into a single one.

  • Save data to multiple cloud accounts

icloud anytrans

A very interesting feature in AnyTrans is that you get the option to operate multiple iCloud accounts without the need to sign in or out of them every time you switch. You can seamlessly transfer data from one iCloud account to other without even having to sign out of your account. AnyTrans also makes sure all your photos are automatically uploaded and backed up on the iCloud account of your choice. On top of that, AnyTrans also make sure all your downloads are resumed from the point they are interrupted, so you don’t have to download the whole package again.

  • Recover iPhone data

Nothing is more painful than accidentally deleting data from your iPhone and never getting it back. With AnyTrans however, recovering all your lost data is child’s task. Just launch AnyTrans and select the files to restore and restore them. You can also sort through files based on its creation or editing date.

  • Video download

anytrans video

AnyTrans might be good at data transferring but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing its good at. Using AnyTrans, you can also save your favorite videos offline directly into your iOS device. All the videos are downloaded without any audio or video quality loss and AnyTrans lets you download videos not just from YouTube but from many other sites such as Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Dailymotion: 900+ to be precise.

How to transfer photos to computer

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer using AnyTrans:

1. Download AnyTrans iPhone manager on your computer from this link here.

2. Launch AnyTrans on your computer and connect the iPhone you want to copy photos from.

anytrans photo

3. From the AnyTrans window, click on “Photos” and then proceed to select the photos you want to copy from all the folders.

anytrans photos transfer

4. After the pictures are selected, click on the computer icon in the top right corner of the window to start the transfer. The photos will then begin copying to your computer.


After using AnyTrans for quite some time to copy our photos, recover lost data and save data to cloud storage, one thing we can say about the software is that it is swift and gets the job done. The transfer speed from one device to another and also from your iPhone to cloud is appreciable and all the data stored on the cloud is encrypted. Never during our time with AnyTrans did it ever crash or a download or upload ever fail. All in all, AnyTrans is a one stop shop for all your iOS data needs and a superb alternative to iTunes. You can download AnyTrans by heading to this link here.