Man is to err, and data loss is an example. It is so devastating when losing vital information due to accidental deletion, emptied recycle bin, lost partition, accidental formatting, hardware software failure among many others. But that does not mean it is entirely over! You can still recover your data, with the right tool.

When selecting a software application to use, you should consider compatibility, performance, security, price, ease of use, and reputation.  I’ll relieve you from the unpleasant searching and comparing process, because I’ve done that for you, and today I’m gonna introduce the best one of them. 

AnyRecover Data Recovery!

What is AnyRecover Data Recovery?

AnyRecover is a top-class recovery tool available for both Windows and Mac users. It is designed to empower every person with the ability of recovering deleted files by themselves easily, without going to data recovery service. Updates are regularly made to add more powerful features and keep it on top. 

The recovery steps are straight forward and the support team is ready to assist where necessary. Peruse through these features of AnyRecover and discover the hidden gem behind this tool. 

Handle different data loss scenarios

This app has no boundaries as far as retrieving lost data is concerned. Use it to extract your files lost due to formatted hard drive, computer crash, virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. As long as your data is overwritten, there is a chance to restore them with AnyRecover.

Support various storage devices and systems

When it comes to compatible operating systems, AnyRecover is perfectly suited for macOS 10.9  to the latest macOS Big Sur 11, as well as Windows 10/8.1/Vista/XP.

This program also supports various devices like like memory cards, flash drives, internal and external hard drives, among others. 

Recoverable file types

This software supports 1000+ file formats, a remarkable thing about it. You can recover various file types like audio (M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.), video (AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V,etc.) , photo (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc.) , documents (DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, etc.), zip archives (ZIP, RAR, SIT, ISO,  etc.), and many more in converted formats. 

Fast Scanning Speed

Generally, the scanning speed depends on your computer performance. But AnyRecover also works efficiently and gives a thorough scan. Likewise, you have the liberty to pause and resume your recovery process at will – that’s quite convenient. 

Ensure Data Security

This software doesn’t need internet while working and surely won’t upload your important data to the internet. AnyRecover lets you recover your files by yourself, without involving any data recovery service, so your privacy is protected from unscrupulous individuals. 

A step-by-step guide to recover lost data with AnyRecover

You don’t need rocket science to operate AnyRecover as it has simple steps. Anyone can recover the lost data in just four steps even if you haven’t used such a tool before. No tech knowledge is required. Check these out and you’ll be all smiles once by the end of the process.

Step 1. Download AnyRecover 

Firstly, you begin by downloading AnyRecover from its official website. You can download either the Mac or the Windows version, depending on the device you are using. It is 100% free to download, the install it as instructed, the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Step 2. Select a location to recover data

As soon as you launch it, you will see an intuitive user interface, the icons are neatly arranged, enabling easy navigation to recovery. 

 Simply select the location you want to recover data from. This can be from your computer, emptied recycle bin, SD card, and lost partition, among many others.

Step 3. Scan your selected location

Hit the “Start” button after selecting your location. Immediately the program will begin the all-around scan on your chosen location. As the scanning process is still in progress, you can locate the targeted files by either pausing or stopping. 

Step 4. Preview and Recover your files  

After complete scanning, all your files will be correctly listed out according to folders and file types. 

You can either double-click a file and preview before recovery, or select multiple files and recover them at once. Once recovered, save your files to the computer for direct access. You can also decide to use external hard drive or flash drive to save your files. Or better, transfer them to other devices. 

What makes AnyRecover the best recovery software?

When it comes to the recovery of files, AnyRecover is the one of the best tool so far. Here are some of the reasons that make it the best software.


  • Friendly user interface:

AnyRecover has an intuitive user interface, enabling both novice and professionals to easily navigate through. 


    • High recovery rate: This  is promised with its all-around and well-developed scanning features that dig out and recover all your lost files
    • 100% data security: No worries about your data leaking outside. This app is absolutely secure with top-notch data privacy.


  • Free scan and preview

When you feel like giving it a try, then the free scan and preview ability beats the odd. Try it first to have a taste of its features before you upgrade to the Premium level. And when you finally decide to upgrade, you still have a 30-day money back guarantee, leaving no traits of doubt.


  • File Filter

No time-wasting when it comes to searching for your files. This feature quickly locates your lost data by name, type, or date. So, you only land to the files that you need to recover, and boom! The recovery process begins. 

  • Professional customer support

Get free and professional tech support 24/7. You will love the service. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, AnyRecover is a reliable and trustworthy tool to recover lost data. It has a cutting edge ability to recover your data from both internal and external environments. The process is quick, with a relatively high recovery rate. It should be your first choice when thinking of data recovery.