The online dating market is one area that has received a major boost during the pandemic and seems to have no plans to stop growing. At the end of 2020, Tinder topped the list of applications in which users spent the most time. 

According to experts, the profit of the online dating market in 2021 reached $3 billion. Along with the growth of this market, the transformation of the dating platforms like where you can find Russian women for dating is also taking place. — a New Project of MSQRD Founders and Natalia Vodianova

The creators of the MSQRD mobile application have launched a new project — a charity auction of meetings. The project was co-founded by model Natalia Vodianova and her business partner. They have already invested $1 million in the project. Any user can offer one or more platform subscribers to accompany them on a mushroom picking trip or little-known antique shops in exchange for a donation to a charitable foundation of their choice.

Waka — Anti-dating for Generation Z

Waka is a mini-application inside the Telegram messenger that works on the principle of swipes and matches — the well-known mechanics of dating applications. After the release of the alpha version of the product in March 2021, waka already raised $125,000 in April at a $1.5 million valuation, as well as the first 10,000 users.

Classic dating apps do not fully fulfill their function: they do not benefit from you leaving them. In the waka application, developers were focused on a kind of “anti-dating” concept so that people get to know each other for real, and not in swipes.

Another trend is that in ordinary dating applications, all attention is paid to the pictures. Generation Z is more focused on the inner world and specific actions. Therefore, in addition to the basic swipe mechanics, Waka is developing a whole “amusement park” for dating, with different mechanics for all occasions: dating by memes, horoscope, and 10 more different parameters.

Random Coffee: Business Tinder

Dating, joining communities, networking — all these trends combine the mechanics of random coffee and random meetings with strangers. From this idea, the startup of the same name was created. How does Random Coffee work? After payment, you answer seven questions and join the Telegram bot. And every Monday, you are introduced to an interesting interlocutor. You can also get acquainted in communities. There are three types of them:

  • professional (products, designers (UX, marketing), marketers and SMM, and others);
  • hobbies (theater, No-code, volunteering, writing courses, learning English, etc);
  • just for communication (about leadership, women’s support groups, digital nomadism, and so on).

The Breakfast — Breakfast in the Company

The application helps to find exciting acquaintances for a pleasant breakfast in the company. Each participant indicates two categories of interests in the questionnaire: topics that they are keen on and are ready to talk about for hours, and topics that make them worry at a given period of their life, seek advice or support. After registration, you need to press the search button for the interlocutor, the application selects it, and then users have 24 hours to make contact about the meeting.