Gaming on mobile has witnessed a major evolution since the days of snake in Nokia phones. Today, smart phones possess hardware and software that give console-grade gaming experience. This experience has never been seen before in a device that was typically used for calling and sending text messages. Now, the mobile world has two giant rulers named Android and iOS. Windows has a market share of 2.9% and this percentage is very small and insignificant. These numbers are still irrelevant even when they mean millions of users.

Nevertheless, the one big question that arises concerning the two platforms has to do with gaming. Which of the two is best when it comes to gaming on the go?

Many factors come into play when you are an Android user

Apple offers more revenue to app developers since iPhone owners are typically rich individuals. On the other hand, Android OS has the numbers, although revenue doesn’t much that of iOS. Also, it’s a little bit hard to find apps that are exclusively developed for one platform. These days, app developers ensure that they have something for both Android and iOS users. This way, they are able to maximize their market reach and possibly revenue.

Therefore, the battle is in Google’s policy of not allowing casino apps like Slots2Slots on their Google play store. Gaming apps that can be downloaded from Google Play only give rewards in terms of credit which can then be used to download other premium apps within the market. Therefore, if you need a real money slots app for Android, you’d be forced to download it elsewhere. The fact that the source where you are downloading it from isn’t approved by Google doesn’t mean that the quality of the app will be questionable. In fact, online casinos do everything they can to make their games even more enjoyable on both mobile platforms. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between playing the same slots machine on Android and on iOS.

The statistics and how the two operating systems play out in the world of gaming

Android powers 80% of smart phones in the world. The Android market is very wide because it covers different types of devices –including phones that still run Android version 2.2. It forces developers to look for ways of making sure that their games will run on all devices. Otherwise, they will lose the market share to iOS whose platform permits developers to create gaming apps that are more holistic and accommodative to future iOS upgrades.

Finally, when you think of asking which of the two platforms is best for playing games, it boils down to your personal preference and your ability to afford high-end iOS devices. All of the platforms mentioned here have a wide range of gaming apps to download and install. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Again, even though iOS users tend to hype on how good their devices play games on the internet, Android users have never complained either, despite Android OS being viewed as the lesser quality of the two.