Faxing is not forgotten. Although it looks like we live in a totally new digital era when everyone can send instant messages and emails, faxing is still widely used by different businesses. First of all, it is an official way of communication unlike emails or direct messages. Secondly, faxing is quite secure and doesn’t allow your emails to be lost somewhere on the spaces of the Internet.

Thankfully, you do not need to use a specific fax machine to send your documents and attach files anymore. Everything is much easier. The market is full of the best smartphone apps that allow everyone to do it directly on their phones regardless of the operational system. Below, you will find the list of such apps that are the most time- and cost-efficient. They suit every business and individual.

  • FAX from iPhone

Is it possible to send a fax on the go? It, definitely, is. Fax from iPhone was created specifically for this purpose. As you can imagine from its name, it is an iPhone fax that cannot be used for Android phones. However, it works perfectly well for any iPhone. The app is especially helpful when you are at a meeting and have the necessity of faxing a document urgently.

This faxing tool is created for iOS phones and tablets (iPhones and iPads) and allows you to send all types of documents, including passports, books, receipts, photos, etc. The scanning process is very simple. Receiving the documents is also pretty instant. After installing it from the App Store, you can choose any number and can even change it once a month. It will allow you to share docs with people in the USA and Canada. 

Users can import PDF, PNG, and JPEG files. This fax app has an in-built scanner, history tracker, e-signature, and file attachment, and is fully secure. 

  • eFax

EFax is a well-known name among faxing apps. This tool allows you to share PDF files from your phone and integrate with your contacts. Attach files from Box, Dropbox, iCloud, and other storage. Add comments and e-signature before sending your fax. This company allows everyone to accept faxes to the stated number and browse faxes right in the app.

To try how it works, you can use a 14-day trial. After that, depending on your plan, you will be charged every month. By paying $16.95, you will send and receive 150 pages. Every extra page will cost you an additional $0.10. If you are going to send faxes more often, better choose an eFax Pro plan. 

  • iFax

IFax is another well-known app. You cannot find it on the App Store though. It is quite reliable and easy to download to any Android system-based phone. The app offers good solutions for businesses of all kinds. Lots of businesses choose it for their prices since they are one of the lowest in the market — starting from $8.33 per month. Unfortunately, not all business owners use Android phones in their everyday life, so their audience isn’t that big.

However, for Android users, the app is quite understandable. The user interface is very clear and convenient. Like most apps on the list, iFax offers e-signature, scanning tools, synchronization with your storage, etc. One of the advantages is that iFax offers unlimited cloud storage. An email can easily be converted into fax. It meets the HIPAA and GLBA standards

This app offers a 7-day free trial and an option of editing documents before faxing them. In general, it is quite convenient and easy to use and navigate. 

  • FaxFile

FaxFile is available for both iOS and Android devices. This is its biggest benefit. Thanks to that app, you can send various files, including photos and documents from your smartphone or tablet to anywhere in Canada, the USA, and even some other countries. All files are transferred to the app servers where they are converted to the required format and then sent to a recipient. 

FaxFile supports Word documents, PDF files, JPG, and PNG images. Yes, you can easily send the photos taken by your smartphone. Unfortunately, this app has one big shortcoming. You will not receive faxes with its current version. The payment system is quite interesting. It is credit-based. The prices depend on the location you send files to. 

  • Cocofax

Cocofax is one more great faxing app available in the market today. Unfortunately, you will not find it on the App Store but Android users will enjoy each of its benefits. This provider offers quite a wide range of subscriptions and pricing plans. Both businesses and individuals can find something suitable for them. 

You can pay every month or just annually. It supports HIPAA and PHIPA. With this app, you can choose any number you wish. The readability is quite good thanks to high image quality. This app is perfect for high volume faxing. Every month, you can send up to 3k faxes. 

The bottom line

Using faxing apps is not in the past. Moreover, it is our future. No one needs huge faxing machines anymore. In the era of smartphones and tablets, we can enjoy faxing right on our mobile devices. Thankfully, modern developers have a lot to offer to both businesses and individual users.