Rummy as a game is enjoyed by all. In the recent years, the spurt in the number of smartphone users has led to more number of players playing online rummy than ever before.

Online rummy has its own attraction, which makes you go back and play more often. If it is the convenience that draws you to the game, for few others it’s a means to meet new people and socialize online.

It’s very convenient

If you feel like playing a game of rummy, then all you need to do is just turn on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. It’s that easy! No more are you restricted by playing hours, space constraints or even the availability of friends for a game of rummy.

For card game lovers online rummy is a boon. Play anywhere, anytime and with any player available online and have some great time. The basic rummy rules remain the same with some changes to suit the online format.

Free games to play

There are scores of websites with free games. If you enjoy playing for fun or if you are keen on learning how to play rummy and its tips and tricks, then you could play these free games and hone your skills. This feature makes online rummy so lucrative that even youngsters and teenagers love playing online rummy.

There are rummy rules for playing free games too. But in return you get to win reward points which you could exchange for gift vouchers, meal coupons etc. This clicks extremely well with the young players who couldn’t have asked for more.

Need not bother about expressions

One of the unwritten rummy rules is to watch your expressions and emotions while playing the game. This holds well when you are playing off line rummy. You are expected to keep a continuous eye contact with the other players or fake expressions to mislead them.

In case of online rummy, you play with players whose identity is hidden. In order to facilitate better gaming among players chat options are available which players could use to interact with each other.

Get acquainted with rummy rules

Although rummy rules are the same either you play online or off line, it is best advised you know the rules well before you start playing online rummy. Rummy sites do have their videos, FAQs, and blogs to help players with information on how to play Indian rummy on their site, their rules, rewards and payments options.

Take time to go through all the relevant information available on the website you have decided to use before you start playing.

Beware of fraudulent sites

While there are plenty of websites to play online, take caution to check the credentials of these sites before you register and start playing. Some of them insist on payment of an initial amount to get started only to realize to your shock that they are not genuine websites.

As a player, the onus is on you to check how genuine these sites are.  Rummy is legal to play; so go with registered and licensed websites.


So, the next time you play online rummy, let it be your personal rummy rule to play with caution and have unlimited fun.