When thinking to join a new company, often many questions come to our mind before and after taking a decision.

How will my colleagues be? What are the company´s mission and values? Will I feel valued and supported to grow personally and professionally? What should I expect from the working culture at this new company?

Probably a “good place to work” for your friend does not represent a “good place to work” for you. Basically, because the two of you might have some different values ​​that define what a great environment is for each of you. 

By the way, do you know what the term “working culture” means? Is it a concept that relates to national cultures or just to company’s culture?

That´s a great question. According to Indeed Editorial Team, a working culture is a “collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment”.

Thus, we return to the differences in values ​​between people, which will define the working culture of a company.

But that is not all: company policy and overall company goals must be aligned with employee behaviors for a company to be considered a healthy and engaging place to work at.

Eventually, the sum of the factors will determine how well a person fits in that place and how productive he or she is.

The truth is that a company is not an isolated institution, as it is part of a country and its macroculture.

Therefore, in addition to the working culture of a company, we can think of the work culture of a specific country, for example.

Traditionally, it is believed that the French work differently from the Spanish, who work differently from the English or German. 

However, in a globalized and remote working environment, specially within creative industries, these lines are blurred and it is harder to define a working culture only by its country of origin.

But does this mean that only companies in a given country can work according to their values?

Not necessarily and globalization is responsible for that as we mentioned. 

Ultimately, this phenomenon opened up possibilities for cultural exchange and for people from any country to come into contact with cultures from different countries, even more so now that remote work is becoming widely available in more companies.

In this blog post, Elkanodata explains what their work culture is like and how it applies to their day to day.

We like to draw information in the clearest and most practical way, so we´ll share everything with you. Step by step. 

American working culture, european creativity, mediterranean lifestyle: what does that mean?

After Amazon´s founder Jeff Bezos, showed up in a meeting wearing pajamas, some people started saying “Men in Suits Work for Men in Pajamas”.

It is indeed a funny phrase, but not always a true one. However, Bezos attitude reflects the American Tech work culture. 

Silicon Valley companies, particularly tech companies, are known for the easygoing dress codes of their employees and the relaxed approach to their peers and bosses. “Work hard play hard” is their most common motto.

We share with you some of the references that BBC points out.

However, there are other concepts coming from different working cultures that can enrich the usual american working culture widely adopted in the tech environment, specially when applied to creative environments.

A creativity based on well thought concepts and good research can help create more meaningful and memorable digital experiences and creative work.

Especially being able to work on important topics and putting creativity at the service of social causes that help create a better digital landscape and contribute to a positive change in the world, helps give a meaningful purpose to creative work.

On top of that, having flexibility, a good work-life balance and life after work is something more valued in European working environments. 

Especially in remote-friendly environments, flexibility and trust are fundamental pillars for effective collaboration as well as a diverse and inclusive environment where different cultural backgrounds and personalities can work together and achieve their full potential.

And, of course, the importance of having time to relax, unwind and bond with colleagues in a more laid back environment is something that is clearly embedded in the mediterranean culture and help create an engaged, motivated and high performing creative team.

To summarize these are the main concepts that comprise the American Working culture, european creativity and mediterranean lifestyle that Elkanodata´s culture is based on:

  • Innovative and challenging projects.
  • Relevant Topics and Stories that Matter.
  •  Fast-paced environment
  •  Efficient and well-organized working dynamic.
  •  Engagement & Well-being.
  • Diversity and inclusion.

How do we work at Elkanodata?

At Elkanodata, our multidisciplinary team works together to create high quality relationships with our peers and clients to achieve equally high results.

We believe in a combination of american working culture, european creativity and mediterranean lifestyle that allows us to deliver high quality and great results, while taking time to look after the details and the craft while making the most of our professional and personal life.

We rely on trust both from our clients and among team members, and, through our work we craft unique user experiences to raise awareness on relevant topics and stories that matter such as Gender Equality, LGBTIQ+ rights, maternal mortality or immigration, among others.

On top of that, we like to exceed our customer expectations, asking ourselves what we can do for them and challenging ourselves.

When we look to the future, as our Founder and CEO Pau Cuervo points out: “Our goal is to continue to deliver the highest quality standards, crafting amazing and relevant work with a global perspective, while always staying true to our essence.”

Our working culture is based on certain values:

Quality is our end goal

We have been able to build strong relationships and long-term collaborations with our clients because our aim is to craft the highest quality result.

 Meaningful and purpose-driven projects

We see value in building forward-thinking digital experiences and visual content to raise awareness and call to action around relevant topics and stories that matter.

Flexibility, trust and diversity.

We believe alignment and trust are key to success and that´s why we have a remote-first approach and our team is distributed around the globe with flexible schedules. We want everyone to feel empowered to be their best version of themselves at work and grow with us.

Our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds which enriches our daily interactions and approach, we value diversity as a source for creativity and great ideas, and we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable to bring their true self at work and reach their best potential.

Clients as partners

Extraordinary relationships help us deliver extraordinary results.

Only by working with our clients (and not for them), we are able to craft visual narratives that perfectly reflect core messaging.

Long-term vision

We always aim to build products that last.

Not only by using future proof technologies, but also by embracing each client’s key messaging with forward-thinking strategy and narratives. 

We believe that American work culture applies to Elkanodata routine because we think of work as a source of satisfaction and self-challenge.

More than formalities, we want strong and long-lasting relationships: between our colleagues and our clients while delivering great work for relevant causes with an engaged and diverse team.