I’ve never tried the Horde side of the game as those characters all look too ugly to me. My toons are all in the service of light, on the Alliance side! However, until not long ago I had only one character, a rogue, involved in raiding, the rest were all 19-29 twinks for BGs, as I always found leveling boring and too long. But after 2 years playing that rogue I eventually got bored of it as well, so I wanted to play a new class. The best shortcut to the end game content that everybody wants to reach a.s.a.p. seemed to be an Alliance leveling guide. The one that I took in showed me many tips and tricks for to improve my leveling process and I’m going to share a few, here.

  1. Always pick up all the quests that you encounter. In World of Warcraft, questing is the main way to level up, and you always need to focus on the bonus XP that you will get by completing a quest instead of the XP from the mobs that you kill. It’s also much better to solve only quests that are lower than you, to go through them faster and without dying 10 times on a quest.
  2. Don’t waste too much time gearing up your character while leveling. That’s time consuming. The Alliance leveling guide I’ve been working with has taught me that the green gear from the quests is good enough for leveling and you chage it anyway while you advance in level. So, it’s no point in spending time and gold trying to gear up for leveling.
  3. Sign up in queue for battlegrounds from time to time to diversify your gameplay. Completing a battleground is like completing a cluster of quests, as you get nice XP with every objective that your team conquers. Even if your team loses, you still get a fair amount of XP and honor points. Even more, of there’s a holiday for any battleground, you will get double XP and honor by completing one.

I hope these tips have helped you at least a little in your conquest for every level in World of Warcraft. However if you’re still having trouble leveling your Alliance toon I can only recommend the Alliance leveling guide I’ve been working with. It worked 100% for me and I’m sure it will help you out. If you want something else, about best melee warframe you can read here.

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