While enjoying your favorite videos online, you might have thought of downloading the entire video so that you won’t have to visit the same platform again in order to watch the video. This is where you might come across the problem of not having the option of downloading the video. If you are looking for a credible and efficient solution to this problem, then you should read on. 

After trying most of the video downloading software that are available in the market, we came across VideoDuke a powerful yet elegant video downloader that allows its users to download their favorite video files with ease from all the popular video streaming platforms including Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. This is a downloader designed to cater the needs of Mac users by providing them with the option of downloading their favorite videos directly to their Mac with ease. 

Additionally, VideoDuke is also compatible with multiple file formats and while downloading your favorite videos you can also change their format as well. Besides that, VideoDuke also makes sure that you have the very best downloading experience by giving you the option of extracting the MP3 audio from your favorite music videos. Lastly, VideoDuke also gives you the power to save HTML5 videos on your Mac, without any limitation of quality and downloading speed. 

Features Of VideoDuke

1. Compatible With Most Websites And Online Platforms

Not only users get to download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, and other popular video streaming sites, users also have the option to download videos from Facebook Mac, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and several other social media platforms as well. This way users can directly download their videos to their Mac and share those videos with ease. 

2. Instant Download

One of the reasons why VideoDuke is one of the best and versatile video downloader is its easy interface and the power to instantly download any video that you like. This is not limited to Youtube or Vimeo videos, but users have the option of downloading any video that they find while browsing through the internet with the help of VideoDuke video downloader. The easy and user-friendly interface also makes sure that you never face any problem as you use this amazing downloader.

3. Download And Manage Youtube Videos

Besides getting a powerful downloader that can help you in downloading Youtube videos, VideoDuke also provides you with multiple downloading options when it comes to downloading Youtube videos. 

Downloading playlists or a complete Youtube channel is now just a few clicks away. With VideoDuke you just have to play the first track on the playlist and VideoDuke will automatically download the complete playlist for you while giving you the option of changing its resolution and video quality. Similarly, users can download an entire Youtube Channel with ease. 

While downloading the videos, users can also adjust and customize the resolution and video quality according to their needs as well. 

4. Downloading Movie 

Keeping in mind the fact, how large movies files can be, VideoDuke allows you to download your favorite movies, TV shows, Anime, or Cartoon with ease. This way you never miss out on the action even when you are not connected with the internet or when the internet connection is too slow. 

5. Manage Music 

With VideoDuke you can also manage and convert your music files. The advanced mode offered by VideoDuke allows you to check out all the resources that are related to your music file. This way you can also extract and use the audio file according to your needs. For instance, if you are only looking for the audio file in a video file, VideoDuke gives you the option of extracting only the audio file saving you a lot of time. 

6. The Download All Feature

VideoDuke also lets its users download all the files associated with any video as they download the video in advanced mode. This includes audio & video files, different flash animations, subtitles, SRT files, images, and much more. 

Parting Words

VideoDuke is a comfortable video downloader for Mac users giving them multiple downloading options and is compatible with most of the video streaming platforms. Besides all that, with the help of the browser mode users can directly search for the videos that they are looking for. By integrating VideoDuke into the browser you can easily access all the features of this amazing downloader. With the bookmark option and two-performance modes management of your downloaded files is easier than ever.