Marketing support service companies can be incredibly beneficial to busy marketing agencies as an outsourced resource available on an as-needed basis.

These firms provide knowledgeable, expert assistance to enhance the offerings of a marketing agency. The broad range of available support services ranges from planning and research services to technical and computer programming support to creative support, such as a video production company or an article writing company. Support services are available for every aspect of marketing firm operations. 

There are several benefits to using support services. Agency work levels can vary depending on the amount and type of contracts currently on the roster. This variable nature of work can make it challenging to determine staffing levels. However, instead of a constant cycle of hiring and layoffs, a marketing firm can outsource various specialized duties to a support agency. 

By outsourcing the work, an agency can ensure that the people working on the project are highly knowledgeable and up to date on best practices. For a specialty with constantly evolving needs and requirements, such as SEO, this is important. 

In smaller agencies, or where employees are required to take on multiple roles, it can be hard to find the necessary time to develop a deep knowledge and specialization in one area, as the nature of the business requires staff to adopt a generalist approach. While this is highly advantageous in most circumstances, there are times when a deep understanding of a topic, such as blog writing, is required. 

For instance, it helps to have a highly skilled writer on hand who also happens to be intimately familiar with the topic when it comes to blogs and white papers. Depending on the breadth of clientele an agency has, this may be difficult for in-house staff. However, many marketing support firms specialize in specific skills, such as SEO or article writing or design, and among their team are topic specialists. 

For instance, a web design firm may have several designers with varied skillsets and styles, and an article writing company would have a stable of writers with various niche specialties. 

Support agencies can prove valuable when working with clients of diverse marketing needs for small or niche firms. 

Let’s say, for instance, that your marketing agency focuses on branding and creative design. You’ve developed a relationship with a client who likes your work, and they approach you about doing some SEO writing work to build out the blog section of the website you’ve designed for them. Instead of sending them off to a competitor, you could reach out to a content writing company to provide support services. In this way, the client is happy, and you also expand your service offerings without the hassle of additional administrative or HR tasks. 

Without adding any additional expense (the costs are typically passed on to the client), you can enhance your service offerings while also raising your reputation as a provider of professional marketing services. You’ve saved yourself work while increasing your profile and improving the chances of gaining new work – by all accounts, that’s a win.