Football is the most popular sport to bet on and in recent years it’s gotten even easier to do so, with new football betting apps appearing on the market each year. With so many to choose from, OddsIndex have created a list of the very best, so you can find them all in one place and take your pick with which one is best suited to you and your betting style.

The mobile betting market is constantly growing and has now taken over desktop betting and brick and mortar bookmakers as the primary source of gambling. There’s so much more convenience in betting through a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet device and in this article we are going to list the many advantages they offer to us as punters.


The most obvious reason as to why people choose to bet through a mobile device is the convenience of it. We are now in a digital age where we are always carrying a mobile device with us everywhere we go, something we don’t necessarily do with a computer.

This means on some occasions our only source of betting is mobile. You really can bet anywhere, at any time, whether you are travelling to a sporting event or simply just out and about.

Most betting companies understand the need for mobile accessibility which is why you can access the major betting sites through a mobile device, whether it be on an internet app or their bespoke betting app that you can download from your app store.

Special Bonuses

Some bookies are trying to encourage customers to use their mobile apps by offering them bonuses and promotions that can only be claimed from the app. This may just be a simple free bet offer but something you should definitely consider if you haven’t already.

To claim these bets, you will have to register through the betting app and opt into the promotions. In some cases, the sportsbook may automatically redeem the offer for you, but you can read into this more in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

In-Play Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting as it is also known, is one of the newer betting markets that bookies offer to customers. It is exactly what it says, betting whilst a fixture or event is currently underway. 

Whilst in-play betting can be done from a desktop device, it may not always be an option for you if you are attending the sporting event you wish to bet on. For example if you are at a football match, you will be able to log into your betting account on your mobile device and bet on what you predict will happen next, maybe the full time result or next goalscorer based on what you have witnessed already.

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals

Whether you are topping up your betting account or taking out your winnings, this can be done with ease on the betting apps. They have a dedicated section on each account to make deposits and withdrawals. All you need to do is enter the amount you wish to put in or take out and hit confirm. If you are making a deposit, it will be in your account instantly for you to use right away. When making a withdrawal, despite some being instantaneous, we recommend waiting up to 7 working days.

Connection On The Go

Most desktop devices require a WiFi connection in order to use the internet, which can be a huge inconvenience for punters not able to get a WiFi connection when wanting to bet. Luckily, using the mobile platform, you are able to use mobile data to connect to the internet and use their betting apps. Mobile data is widely reachable and you won’t struggle to get a connection in most places, unless of course you are literally in the middle of nowhere.