Online courses have always been a great alternative for employees, students, and people from all areas. It gives them the opportunity to learn without disrupting the balance of their daily lives or giving in to geographical limitations. As with everything, there are pros and cons of taking online courses too. 

In many ways, decoding the advantages and disadvantages of taking online courses is fruitful. It can help to drive the adoption of more efficient strategies in learning. 

Let’s take a listed approach:

Advantages of taking online courses

  1. They are conveniently accessible and flexible. When you take online courses, you can complete the required assignments, take notes, and study according to your own schedule and pace. This is a great advantage for those who are otherwise engaged in day jobs or other engagements. The flexibility of time and place is a big advantage of online courses.
  2. They are designed for efficiency. Online courses make use of a number of online resources and learning tools like video, podcasts, etc. It is a great way to complement traditional textbook learning with other interesting methods.
  3. They provide more individual attention to learners. Students of online courses have a better and direct line of access to instructors so that all their queries are attended to. Questions often arise after classes, or during self-study. Rather than waiting for the next class, learners can simply email them and enhance their learning opportunity.
  4. They impart self-discipline. Online courses make learners realise the importance of time-management. The motivation here has to come from within making it a student-centred or active learning. Learners have the opportunity to mature into self-disciplined individuals who value accomplishment.
  5. They are financially viable. Online courses bypass the usual costs associated with physical learning such as lodging, transportation, meals, physical course materials, etc. They are affordable due to these reduced financial costs.

Disadvantages of online courses

  1. Online courses can be affected by technology limitations. Sometimes lack of good speed, connectivity problems, non-compatible hardware, can disrupt learning continuity.
  2. It can be difficult to concentrate on screens for long hours. In addition, all course work and studies also have to be done on the screen prolonging screen time. Courses should be kept crisp and interactive to aid in student focus.
  3. There can be a sense of isolation. Online courses allow for very minimal informal interaction with peers, fellow students, and teachers making learners feel isolated. 

The drawbacks are improvement points

The disadvantages of taking online courses are essentially points that can be improved with efficient designing of courses. In the end, the ability to learn whenever and wherever offers bigger and better opportunities for education. 

Online courses are effective because they can match the individualised learning journeys and styles of students. Their range of options and resources, can be personalised in various ways to suit students whether they are visual or discussion learners, group or solo learners. 

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