The fact that you can stay at home and or be at work and play your favorite casino game is incredible. Once you start venturing into the world of online casinos, you will find various games, features, and bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, every gambling operator is trying to add as many high-quality promos as possible so that it can stand out from the rest. Some companies decide to add various reload promos, whereas others are mostly focused on free spins.

Even though there are usually a lot of differences between the different companies, one of the things that you can find on many online casinos is bonus codes. Most websites use them for all of their promos, whereas others either don’t use them at all or they just prefer to implement them for specific promos.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using bonus codes.


One of the primary advantages of using a bonus code is that you can easily choose which promo you’ll use. This might not be a problem on some casinos, but some of the larger online betting websites have loads of offers, which means that bettors could get lost and use something they didn’t want. 

Another advantage of using a bonus code is that you can get better conditions than usual. Even though this is not the case on every betting website, most of the places will give you a higher maximum bonus amount, more free spins, etc., once you apply a specific bonus code. Feel free to look at the Betway sign up code if you want to see whether you’ll need to use any code on one of the biggest betting websites.


After we’ve covered the advantages, it’s time to take a look at some of the disadvantages. One of the main issues of using bonus codes is that you can potentially miss out on an offer if you forget to apply it.

Some of the promo codes have to be used during the registration process, whereas others need to be applied before making your deposit. Regardless of what’s the case, you won’t be able to claim a certain offer unless you enter the given bonus code.

Another significant drawback of using a welcome promo can occur whenever there is more than one code for a given offer. Usually, this happens whenever you have to make multiple deposits. If you fail to enter the correct bonus code, you might not be able to claim the offer at all.

Lastly, having to use a promo code for some of the bonuses is something that some elderly bettors can’t get used to. This is understandable because they used to bet in land-based casinos, where you didn’t have to use those kinds of things. Thus, some of them just don’t feel comfortable playing on betting websites that offer those kinds of bonuses, which is why they prefer to search for another gambling operator.