In the digital era, almost everyone has a smartphone. These small devices bring a lot of convenience into our lives thanks to the ability to run third-party apps with advantageous functionality.

With the help of applications, your smartphone can help you save money and time. Not to get lost exploring millions of the applications available, keep reading the post, and find the best apps for your smartphone to save time and money.


It is one of the most popular money planners for smartphones. The app gathers all your money in one place and helps track your budget simply and effortlessly. The application has an alluring design and rich functionality. 

Using Mint, you can track all your expenses, set goals, and keep yourself updated about bills that should be paid. The app also provides detailed reports on how you spend money to improve your budget planning. 

It helps track your investments and catches hidden fees to save your money. If you like spending your spare money on bets, check out some overwatch betting sites and learn more about a popular online gambling platform.


Planning trips with friends, splitting expenses can become a nightmare for everyone. However, with this application, you can share spendings with your friends in a few clicks. The application will eliminate the need to worry about who and how much should play.

Splitwise can become extremely helpful for students who share an apartment with roommates and purchase products in bulk.


It is a simple and extremely popular application that helps lighten wallets in a good way. If your purse can hardly close due to a large number of plastic cards with barcodes, install this app.

Using your smartphone’s camera, you can scan all your cards and store them on a smartphone. When you need to use it in a store, merely open the card on your phone and scan it. Stocard shows locations of the nearest stores of a selected card and finds exclusive offers with discounts.


It is a great application that can return some money from every purchase. It is called cashback. When you purchase some products online or offline via this app, it provides rebates. You won’t get products for free with this application. However, you will be able to return a couple of bucks on particular brands. 

Even if you purchase any brand basics from regular stores like Target or Walmart, the app will return a couple of cents from every product. Users can withdraw their money via PayPal or by using gift cards. 


It is an application that gathers the best offers in your smartphones. Using Groupon, you can find the best shop deals and coupons near you. Don’t forget the app to grant access to your location. Groupon can help you find cheap accommodation, travel tours and provide up to 30% of cashback on restaurants.


A lot of people travel once or twice a year only due to the high prices of accommodation. However, with this application, you can have a voyage every month. Discover all possible stays in a place where you want to go using this application. If you want to have a trip, just install the app, specify the desired location, and find the best offer in a few clicks. Also, it will send you notifications about the top hotel deals. 


This app is a must-have for tourists who aren’t afraid to avoid travel tours and explore new ways to travel by themselves. It is a great application that builds different routes for tourists. All that you need to do is to specify a starting and final destination. 

The application will analyze all the possible routes to reach the final point and show you all the options. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose the cheapest, the fastest, or the most optimal route with changes in interesting places. Also, Rome2rio shows prices for tickets, which is super convenient. 


Sometimes, parking a car cheap can be a real problem, especially in crowded places. If you’re a driver, this app will help you save your time and money. It searches for free garages or parking lots in your area and shows the best options. Also, it foresees the ability to find a parking lot in the desired place and book it in advance. 


If you always experience a lack of time, it may be caused by bad concentration. This one is the #1 application that helps avoid distractions and focus on foremost tasks only. It is a blocking application that grants access to the selected apps only when active. Therefore, you won’t check the news or chat with friends when the focus mode is enabled.

Also, it has a rewarding system. After completing a focus session, a user gets virtual coins that can be spent on growing real trees.

Wrapping Up

These days, smartphones are a significant part of our lives. They simplify dozens of processes and help save time and money. As a consequence, they help us improve productivity and purchase more for less. Feel free to install apps from the selection above and start getting benefits using a device in your pocket.