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Presently, adopting bitcoin in El Salvador is the hottest topic in the entire digital market. From now on, they will use bitcoin just like government-issued legal tender money in their country. In a country like El Salvador, the adoption of bitcoin as a mode of payment is within reach for people with enough technical knowledge to understand it. The most important thing is to make sure you understand the core aspects of bitcoin, and then you can decide whether to invest or not. 

El Salvador could benefit from using digital financial tools. It has already signed a memorandum of understanding with technology-based companies like IBM that are all set to help the nation in its bid to adopt bitcoin and other digital ones.  

Introduction to the topic

As said earlier, this country is the world’s second-largest coffee exporter and has an untapped trade in bitcoins. Many vendors already know this status and are selling their products in exchange for bitcoin. Therefore, it can be an opportunity for El Salvador as it can earn money by facilitating its citizens to use the digital token headquartered in Chicago.

In a recent interview, Jaime Manzel, the CEO of Carrera Coffee, disclosed that bitcoin has already started taking the place of cash transactions in his company. Moreover, the coffee plantation is currently being established in the country to facilitate residents to buy coffee in exchange for bitcoin. However, unlike other countries in Latin America, El Salvador has a history of being very conservative, and they are still studying this new financial tool. 

Why is El Salvador adopting Bitcoin?

El Salvador is a small country, but it has an extensive history. It has been the seat of numerous regional civilizations and is home to some of the most iconic archaeological remains. Since coffee was introduced in the country, El Salvador has become the world’s second-largest coffee exporter after Columbia. 

El Salvador is a primary source of coffee in Latin America, but other things could bring more economic success to their developing nation. A new kind of payment system seems to be the answer. But unfortunately, the country has yet to implement an actual digital currency. So, El Salvador’s economy is centralized on coffee exports, hampered by low productivity, low quality and inefficient supply chain management. 

Due to recent policies designed to increase fiscal transparency, this level of service is no longer tenable, and the poor economic performance of El Salvador dovetails with the limited transparency and control over public spending.

What has been the conclusion of this tryout?

Even though the recent experiment with bitcoin in El Salvador has been a success, adoption by merchants is still in its nascent stage. It mainly concerns the lack of access to digital platforms needed to facilitate payments. For example, the coffee plantation of Carrera will utilize a mobile application to facilitate bitcoin payments, while other coffee farms can use the same technology. 

The country is also developing “La Mejorada”, a new digital marketplace providing an open-source software platform for electronic commerce. This marketplace will facilitate the trade of goods and services and help users build cryptocurrency wallets. The use of bitcoin has been growing in El Salvador at a slow rate, but now the adoption has picked up speed with the support of local companies and government policy. 

The government of El Salvador has taken steps to encourage more people to use bitcoin through such policies as tax breaks related to digital currency and enabling banks to issue e-banking cards linked and working with cryptocurrencies. Encouraging the usage of digital financial tools is a significant step toward achieving economic growth. In addition, they have a lot of data regarding blockchain technology that they can leverage toward the development and worldwide adoption of this innovative technology.