How often have you cursed advertising networks (or the lack thereof)? I’m guessing, pretty often. What if I told you about the perfect advertising network? The network that pays you your real worth without any hassles and bottlenecks?

Sounds too good to be true? Turns out, not really. is a native advertising company spanning over multiple countries. It works with 150,000 partners in over a 100 countries, displays an impressive 5 billion impressions a month. (Mobile and Desktop)

AdNow makes it a point to keep the interests of every involved party in mind and has designed its product around this principle. You can never go wrong with AdNow meaning it’s a win-win for both Publishers and advertisers.


Perks of being an advertiser

If you’re an advertiser, here’s what’s in it for you.

They’re really serious about business. Your business means just as much as to them as it does to you and I can vouch for that. They have airtight policies surrounding fraud meaning you always receive the bang for your buck.

Since their product is based on native advertising, the engagement is really high because the advertisements don’t seem un-natural and out-of-place. This coupled with their stellar assistance with landing pages and placing the ads ensures you receive more than what you put in. They have a dedicated team that keeps analyzing publishers constantly and keeps track of the ones that are the most beneficial to you.


The flexibility they offer is unmatched. Not only do you get to set a daily budget, you can target audiences by location, by browser, by OS, by the carrier and believe it or not, by time. From what I’ve experienced, they like staying on top of things and will do anything to make sure you’re satisfied. They let you build a custom black and white list meaning you can choose to not display your ads on a select few websites.

AdNow makes it trivially easy to keep track of your campaign and to see if things are going the way you want them to. Their Macro ID’s help you steer clear of any inadequacies. AdNow also has its own RTB platform.

To top it off, AdNow has an incredibly low CPC.

Why be a publisher?

For starters, their rates are as competitive as it gets. They know how annoying a nasty ad can be and so they pre-moderate all ads which have to go through a stringent safety test before they’re deployed on your website. The personal account manager helps you stay in control. (And what’s more? They provide local language support.) The setup is a cakewalk and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set it up.

One of the most frequent complaints about other ad networks is the fact that non-English websites don’t get a pie of the large cake. In response to that, AdNow lets you use it on non-English websites too.


AdNow pays out weekly via PayPal, Wire and ePayments. The minimum payout is 20 $ which is great by any standard. It is extremely easy for the publishers to track their performance and revenue in real-time. With an average CTR of 1.15%, AdNow is a notch above its competitors. AdNow doesn’t interfere with the working of your website. You can expect no code conflicts. Their code is seamlessly integrated with that of your website’s.

To sum up

All this said and done, AdNow has my highest recommendation. Its referral system, insane customization options, global coverage, competitive rates and the sheer size of the network put it second to none. The best would be to visit if you are an advertiser and see what they have to offer.

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