Action Refund is a company based in Israel and provides clients with chargeback recovery services. Their services help people who have fallen victim to CFD, binary options, or Forex scams.

They are extremely professional and know all the right steps to retrieve your funds. They are consistently rated highly among financial advice website review aggregates (learn more here). With a growing international presence, their reputation is becoming one of the best in chargeback services.

Here’s our Action Refund Review.

How Can You Benefit from Action Refund?

Many of the clients that Action Refund serve are victims of investment fraud in the forms of Forex deals and CFDs. These scams are extremely enticing to inexperienced investors because they offer a fast and high reward for a low investment. Without any knowledge of industry standards, new investors can miss the signs of a scam or fraud, wasting enormous amounts of money.

1. Knowledgeable Legal Advice:

Investors who are subjected to fraud and scams are often unaware of the legal right they must enforce to the law so they can reclaim their funds. By contacting a representative from Action Refund, you will be connected to an enormous knowledge base to solve your financial misstep. This legal expertise is especially pertinent to investment fraud because of its time-sensitivity.

2. Faster Fund Recovery

If scam or fraud victims fail to report financial misconduct in a timely manner, it is less likely their chargeback claim with the bank will be unsuccessful. The extra time gives fraudsters and scammers a chance to dissolve their assets and disappear with your funds. Before the culprits become untraceable, it is important for victims to contact professionals to initiate a chargeback claim.

3. Experienced Professional Navigation

Scammers have tricks and schemes that slowly eat away at your investment. Sometimes, they request extra funds for vague technical issues or report extra fees that were undocumented in the contracted agreement. Even worse, scammers can misuse your signature for extraneous or uncontracted services and products.

Action Refund is savvy with the tricks that scammers use. Unlike the experienced scammers that are unaware of their legal rights and boundaries, Action Refund can instantaneously identify a sketchy business. This will limit the legal infringement of your scammers and keep you wise to potential future missteps.

4.  Specialized Technical Knowledge

Since not all fraudsters act alike, Action Refund has developed a multifaceted team of workers. These trained specialists are ready to tackle a variety of investment fraud–from banking to cybersecurity and beyond. You would not take boxing advice from a sailor, would you? It is the same for online fraud or scams. You need a specialist with the training to manage your specific situation. That is why Action Refund will match your claim with the appropriate team member to maximize the likelihood of your chargeback’s success.

What Can Action Refund Do?

If you are a victim of fraud or investment scam, Action Refund has the experience to help you reclaim your funds. Their staff is up to date on the most recent scams that are preying on new investors.

Furthermore, they possess a meticulous understanding of legal specifications that are pertinent to your case. Do not worry about communicating legal jargon when you take your recovery claim to the bank. Let the employees at Action Refund do all the heavy lifting.

Action Refund is effective because they have a plan for every case of investment scamming or fraud. They use this template with every case so their experience is consistent across all their customers. The method is logical and straightforward so that your needs are accommodated and all the services exactly fit your needs.

Step 1: Assess the Case with A Free Consultation

Action Refund will not charge you for an initial investigation. This means you instantly win by getting in contact with their services, which is free of charge.

This initial meeting is to establish the details of your experience with a scammer or fraudster. With these initial details, Action Refund can determine the probability of obtaining a successful chargeback claim from the bank.

Step 2: Collecting Your Documentation

Once you explain your situation to their team, they will begin collecting as much documentation about the case as possible. Whether it’s paper documentation, including dates, names, business orders, and/or signatures, all this information is critical to determine the probability of obtaining a successful chargeback claim.

These details allow the employees at Action Refund to thoughtfully analyze your case to determine the best possible course of action. Their immaculate attention to technical logistics will improve the probability of finding legal proof of the fraudster’s misdeeds. Furthermore, a thoroughly organized case will quicken the process of your chargeback with the bank.

Step 3: Fund Recovery

Once Action Refund has collected the necessary documentation, they will plan and execute your fund recovery. It is amazing how transparent the team is about how they retrieve your funds. They are extremely communicative and very empathetic when explaining the more difficult procedures. Getting scammed or becoming a victim of fraud can be so confusing, but Action Refund helps you understand what went wrong and how you can solve the issue.

Their technical skill is so proficient that scammers often crumble before any serious action is taken. The team at Action Refund knows exactly where to pressure illegitimate companies to identify weak points and demand financial retribution. With a trained team of experienced workers behind its name, scammers and fraudsters have no choice but to admit legal wrongdoing and return the misappropriated funds.


Investment fraud is becoming increasingly more common. These schemes can tie up new or inexperienced investors, costing them incredible sums of money. Luckily, Action Refund is a great service that people can contact to help with their chargeback claim.

Action Refund is technically knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service to all of its clients. They are transparent with all of their business conduct, so clients completely understand their actions in recovering your funds. Their high level of expertise makes them a formidable opponent to online fraudsters and scammers. By collecting your documents and providing expert analysis, you will be matched with an appropriate team member to conduct your investigation.

If you’re a victim of fraud or a scam, contact Action Refund for your free consultation.