We recently asked a few of our friends about Android data recovery. To our surprise, most people believe it is impossible to recover deleted data from Android devices. Even those who are positive about data recovery think that it’s a tough task. We cannot blame them, actually. There aren’t many user-friendly data recovery solutions for getting back deleted data from Android devices. Even if you happen to have an effective tool, its recovery capabilities are limited to certain file types. Most programs don’t let you recover valuable stuff such as deleted Messages or lost Contacts. We were thinking almost the same, until we came across iMobie PhoneRescue.

It is a wonderful PC and Mac program for recovering accidentally-deleted or lost files from Android devices. We were really impressed by the features and wanted to share more about PhoneRescue. We decided to do a full review of the program, discussing the various aspects — and, here you go.

Getting to Know PhoneRescue

As the name says, PhoneRescue is supposed to rescue your phone from accidental data deletion. It does not matter if you have lost a Contact, Message, Photo or a Document, iMobie PhoneRescue can recover them in the shortest time possible. What’s more important that data can be recovered directly into the phone and not just your PC. This becomes quite handy when you don’t have much time for the second-time transfer of recovered data. Let’s keep that aside and discuss some specifications.

PhoneRescue for Android is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It has to be noted that we’re talking about PhoneRescue Android version and that there’s an iOS version too. You can grab the latest version of PhoneRescue from the official website, available for free. For advanced features, however, you have to buy the premium version.Trust us, PhoneRescue offers more than just recovering your data.


The compatibility aspect of PhoneRescue is a bit different from other data recovery software. The reason is that PhoneRescue isn’t a general data-recovery program. On the other hand, iMobie offers custom-made & dedicated versions of PhoneRescue for each supported brand.

As of now, PhoneRescue works with smartphones from Samsung, Sony, Google, Huawei and HTC. Developers offer upcoming support for devices from OnePlus, Motorola and LG soon. Popular devices from all the five brands are supported, but here’s a full list.

Make sure that your phone is fully compatible. Otherwise, there’s no point in purchasing the software.


Undoubtedly, PhoneRescue is a quite user-friendly solution for Android recovery. From first-time connection to recovery process, everything can be done in a few minutes. The best part is that the software comes with a one-click root feature too. if you want to dig deeper for recovering deleted messages or something, you’d have to root the Android phone.

Selective recovery is also a useful option here. Instead of recovering all the files, PhoneRescue lets you first preview files and then recover only the files you really need. This works in case of photos, videos, contacts and other formats. Altogether, we’d give a five-star rating for the usability aspect of iMobie PhoneRescue. It requires zero previous experience but does the job so well.


Let’s make this simple. PhoneRescue is so far the most powerful data recovery software for Android we have seen. It does the job in a minute or so, even while offering the highest recovery rate. As far as the objective is concerned, this is enough for recommending the program for all our readers.

Hand-Picked Features for Productivity

We also spotted some sweet features in PhoneRescue, which come in handy in many occasions. Some of the highlights are:

  • Lock Screen Removal: Using PhoneRescue, you can easily remove a lock-screen from a smartphone. It takes a few minutes for the removal process and the USB connection is just fine. This is quite useful for those who forgets the password/pattern so often.

  • Advanced Support for Apps: Apart from recovering normal content like SMSs and Messages, you can recover data such as WhatsApp Messages and Line messages. All the data is recovered back to your device itself, making things easier.
  • Professional Compatibility: Because PhoneRescue is offering brand-specific versions, you have higher chances of recovering files. Obviously, it’s something cool.

The Decision Time

If you need a one-word answer, here’s it — PhoneRescue is AWESOME! To put all these together, the tool is easy to use, performs well and recovers almost any kind of data. Even the free version is quite powerful but you can always upgrade for the extra perks. If you ask us, we’d say you should try this out.