New Year’s Eve is coming up and you don’t yet know where and how you want to celebrate the new year? How about ending 2022 in style with a casino party?

Thanksgiving in Canada has already passed, which means it’s time to plan your New Year’s Eve. Those who like to celebrate New Year’s Eve often plan it months in advance. For many people, New Year’s Eve means lavish parties, champagne, fireworks, and a bit of glamor. By that, the upcoming New Year’s Eve should be no exception.

A Decent New Year’s Eve Party

If you want to spend the last hours of the old year in style, you should consider a party at a real casino. Here it can be celebrated not only smartly and glamorously, but also spectacularly and cheerfully. Many famous casinos in Canada open their doors on New Year’s Eve and invite their guests to a holiday party. Good food, champagne, and a great atmosphere are all included. Many also offer variety shows, and of course guests can try their luck at the gaming tables or slot machines. The special style and atmosphere of the casino completes this extravagant atmosphere. With a casino party like this, the old year is guaranteed to end in style and the new year begins in shine. If you can’t wait to experience the magic of New Year’s Eve in a casino, grab your iPhone to explore all offers from the online casino. It is already quite realistic to find New Year’s bonuses for players.

New Year’s Eve dress code at the casino

Those who decide to end the year in a casino expect not only good entertainment and the thrill of gambling, but also a stylishly elegant atmosphere. To meet these expectations and create a special atmosphere, casinos impose a dress code specifically for special events.

Dress code for gentlemen

Attendance is possible only when wearing a suit. A true gentleman, of course, wears only a suit that fits perfectly. By the way, a shirt and tie or bowtie are a must, as are clean and matching shoes. As for shoes, most casinos emphasize black, or at least a shade that goes with the suit. The same applies to the choice of socks. Many famous casinos offer elegant outfits for rent on the spot for a fee. Thus, the New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to end at the casino entrance, despite not quite matching the closet.

Dress code for ladies

Ladies need elegant evening dresses or stylish cocktail dresses. The hem of the dress skirt should be at least above the knee. An elegant pantsuit is also a good choice. As for the choice of colors, the following rule applies: less is more. Just like the gentleman, the lady should choose muted tones and discreet accessories to visit the casino.

Smart casual in the slot machine area

The dress code is a little softer in the slot machines area, which in most casinos is clearly separated from the gaming tables. Here, well-groomed casual clothing is desirable, and in a smart-casual style.

Smart casual dress code for gentlemen

At the slot machines area, cloth pants or elegant jeans are quite appropriate. Jeans should also be dark colors in the arcade area and should be neither washed nor holey. As outerwear suits a shirt or an elegant polo shirt, perfectly combined with a jacket. Here a gentleman can do without a tie. The shoes in any case should be closed and clean. Sneakers or neat leather shoes are acceptable, provided that they are not too sporty and, most importantly, not worn out.

Smart casual dress code for ladies

Cloth pants or elegant jeans will also suit the lady at the arcade. Combine the skirt stylishly with an elegant top or blouse. However, in this outfit, the hem should also reach at least above the knee. A modest blazer completes the stylish look. The choice of colors and design here is somewhat freer, but muted colors are recommended, not screaming prints.


For special events, such as a gala evening on New Year’s Eve, it is advisable to ask about the dress code in advance. It is possible that by the evening, the separation between the classic casino area and the slot machines will be gone, and therefore evening wear will be required in all areas. In addition, there are casinos that hold New Year’s Eve events under a certain theme and therefore want their guests’ closets to be themed as well. The reward for the effort will be a special evening in a stylish setting, where all guests can immerse themselves in a glamorous world and celebrate the New Year with a vibrant party.