Share Play is one of the most innovative new features in the industry, allowing anyone to create a multiplayer gaming experience online with their PS4 console from Harvey Norman. You can use SharePlay to share your current gameplay in a cooperative mode, hold a competitive multiplayer game or even hand control to a connected friend.

SharePlay effectively places you in the same room with your gaming mates, even with games that are not built to support online multiplayer. Game visitors do not need to own the currently playing game to use SharePlay as long as they own a PlayStation 4, and although the span of a SharePlay session is limited to one hour, there is no limit on the number of session that can be played, providing practically unlimited gameplay for all PS4 owners.


SharePlay Basics

In order to use SharePlay, both the game owner and game visitor need to have a stable connection to the PlayStation Network with a minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps, and both parties must be friends within the system.

To add a new friend, select “Friends” from the function screen, then search for the online ID with the “Find” feature. Select the players you wish to be friends with, then select “Send Friend Request” to send a notification to them. You can also search for new gaming mates with by selecting the “Player Met” icon from the Friends menu to see a list of players organized by game or application.

SharePlay Activation

To activate SharePlay, press the “SHARE” button on your PS4 controller, then select “Start SharePlay” from the menu that pops up to receive the option of inviting a friend. The friend will receive the SharePlay invitation on their PS4 console, and the 60-minute timer begins as soon as the invitation is accepted and the consoles connect. Your game will appear on the visitor’s screen when the connection is established.


Using SharePlay

To hand control to the game visitor, press the “SHARE” button again, then “Go to Party for SharePlay” and “Give Controller to Visitor.” After you select “Give Controller to Visitor,” the connected friend can now play while you watch until you press the “SHARE” button again and choose “Take Back Controller.”

You can also start a local multiplayer session using SharePlay. To do this, press the “SHARE” button, choose “SharePlay,” then “Give Controller to Visitor.” When the next menu pops up, select the “Play a Game Together” option to begin a cooperative or competitive game.