As technology and the business world are intertwined deeper, more and more businesses are opting to go paperless. Emails and smartphones have quickly revolutionized the way a business communicates within itself, eliminating the need for tangible communication (memos, agendas, itineraries, reports, etc.). Recently though, there has been an increase in offices going “office-less” too.

Now don’t go sifting through Wikipedia looking for “office-less.” I am coining the term specifically for you guys. In a nutshell, it is when you get rid of the everyday staples that you would normally find in most typical office spaces, opting instead for a more efficient solution. For now though, let’s focus on going paperless.


As far as time-consumption is concerned, a solely paperless payroll is a superstar. Companies and corporations can now implement the help of variouson- and offline payroll servicesor software to transmit the payroll at the end of the pay period. This virtual transmission process is quick and simple, usually allowing for the payroll to be sent and booked the very same day. Moreover, the necessary documents and reports are usually accessible on your computer within an hour or two of the payroll being submitted.

Sometimes though, you find yourself with the need for a physical copy of a particular payroll document. If this arises, all you need to do is print out a copy of the necessary document from your computer. Use it for whatever application you need, be it a financial portfolio, performance review, or some other financial report, and then for security and confidentiality purposes, shred it!

Now, let’s revert back to going office-less, shall we? To reiterate, this is simply when you eliminate major office staples that make it appear, well, like an office. For instance, establishing a new infrastructure for video conference services with Polycom is a phenomenal way to rid your office of that army of telephones and accompanying wires. It offers a completely new communication medium, as well as the ability to connect with employees, associates, and upper management from just about anywhere.

Another fantastic way to go office-less is to simply work away from the office. Standing desks, teleconferencing software, modern laptops, and cloud computing are just a few technological advances making this possible. You could work from home, from an airplane, or from the bench in the public park down the street. For some, eliminating the “feel” of an office increases their productivity substantially.