Some people long for a time to be completely disconnected from reality.

They count down the days until vacation, craving some time to put the phone away and soak up the sun. On the flip side, some people can’t wait to share their fun adventures virtually with friends and family. 

Thanks to social media, it only takes seconds to share your experiences. You might share a picture of a delicious meal or a picture wearing matching outfits with your friends. One of the best times to share fun pictures is on a cruise. 

How do you stay connected on a cruise? It’s easy! Keep reading below to discover how to connect and get the most out of your cruise’s WiFi. 

Prepare Ahead of Time

Believe it or not, you can prep to remain in touch before you even board the ship. If you’re concerned about staying in touch with certain family members, print out your itinerary. Give your family members copies so they know when you’ll be at a port. 

You may not want to pay WiFi package prices on the ship, but you can connect for free at a port! This is the best time to send your friends, family members, and co-workers a quick update if needed. You can also quickly post a cute selfie

If you know you’ll need to send important emails for work, go ahead and type them up to keep in your drafts. That way, you won’t waste too much time typing anything up.

Explore Options

We know you’re dying to share a picture of the beautiful cruise cocktail you had earlier today so go ahead and explore your package options! 

Whether you’re on a quick 3-day cruise or something a tad longer and more luxurious, it never hurts to invest in a WiFi package. Some ships offer basic WiFi packages, along with the chance to upgrade to additional WiFi for streaming services. You also may have to pay per device you’re connecting. 

Some people may want to totally disconnect, but WiFi packages are important if you’re trying to keep a stable line of communication open with your kids or elderly parents back home.

Beyond the Wifi, it never hurts to thoroughly explore all package options. Check out the excursions you have available, wine tasting opportunities, and spa packages you can go ahead and secure. 

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Stay Connected on Your Next Cruise

Thanks to the power of the internet and WiFi, we are able to stay connected with people even when were are hundreds of miles apart. Connect to your cruise’s WiFi to avoid losing touch.

Before you hop onto the ship, figure out your itinerary. Share what times you’ll be available to send quick messages. Explore package options to know ahead of time how much WiFi will cost you.

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