Are you looking to revamp the marketing strategies of your FinTech firm? Are your sales falling below your expectations? The secret lies in seeking the services of a blockchain marketing agency. Wondering how to go about this? This article will guide you appropriately; read on for this insight.

Outline Your Needs

To know what you have to look for in a blockchain marketing agency, you must define what you need. Make a list of services you expect the right agency to do for your business, including the don’ts. Consider outlining the kind of service delivery you expect from them; it could be 24/7 support, working remotely, and others.

When you have a clear understanding of your needs, you’ll be in a position to vet an agency against the said needs. With this, you won’t compromise and forget any crucial need.

Look At The Services Offered

Analyze the list of services a blockchain marketing agency is offering you. Do they meet your list of needs that you previously outlined? If not, continue with the search until you find a suitable one. A suitable blockchain marketing agency for your FinTech firm will meet most of your needs, if not all of them.

Inquire On The Industries They Serve

Various industries operate differently, meaning that a marketing strategy that works for one might not work for the other. Based on this, you must choose a marketing agency that serves the FinTech industry. The fact that they serve your industry means they know what strategies work and those that don’t. They won’t serve you through trial and error; rather, they’ll meet your needs from the point of know-how. 

Also, the agency will be able to anticipate your needs and operate with a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. A proactive approach will yield better results and bring efficiency to your FinTech enterprise.

Inquire On Experience

Experience is key in your selection process since it determines the quality of services you’ll get from your chosen agency. How so? An adage says practice makes perfect; in this case, this means that an agency with many years in the business has mastered the art of service delivery. Therefore, they know what they’re doing as they serve your business.

However, when it comes to the blockchain market, you shouldn’t vet experience independently. Consider combining years of experience with their rate of success. Ask to see their portfolio of clients. The agency should’ve offered working marketing strategies to their clients. A marketing agency could have been in business for five years but have only provided working strategies to four or five clients. This isn’t the ideal blockchain marketing agency for you.

Consider Flexibility

The FinTech and blockchain industry is a changing one, especially regarding regulations. Laws keep changing, with new ones being formulated every other day. This means that you need a marketing agency whose execution plan is flexible enough to adapt to the changes.

The right blockchain marketing agency should still deliver results efficiently despite the many changes. There should be no excuse for any new laws catching them unaware, hence not delivering as expected.

Assess Their Resources

The quality of service delivery also depends on the resources a marketing agency has. These resources are mainly its technology and the team size of the agency.

For efficient service delivery, an agency should utilize the latest technology in your industry. Most innovations intend to provide better ways of doing things and allow for efficiency. You might not be proficient in knowing what tools perform better, but the internet can assist you. All you need to do is research on the latest technology in the marketing of a FinTech firm and ask your agency if they’re utilizing them or not. If they aren’t, let them explain why. Alternatively, your IT team can assist you in vetting these tools since they have more technical know-how and will know what performance features to assess.

When it comes to team size, it’s essential to seek a marketing agency with large team size. Why? There’s a high probability that the agency has several other clients, and you don’t want to be competing for attention with them. A large team ensures you’re served efficiently, and the agency’s workers aren’t overwhelmed with clients. A small team with many clients is likely to compromise on the quality of services in one way or another.

Therefore, it’s essential that you choose a blockchain marketing agency with adequate resources for them to meet your needs efficiently.

Consider Compliance

As stated earlier, laws keep changing in the blockchain industry. Therefore, your preferred marketing agency needs to be in the loop of these changes.

The right agency should always be up to date to be in a position to execute its services legally. If they fall back on the said regulations, it means they won’t be compliant in one way or another, putting your business at risk of facing penalties and fines. These fines will increase your operational costs and even misalign your budget, which is undesirable.

Inquire On Availability

It’s essential for your marketing agency always to be available when you need them. You don’t want an agency whom you can’t reach at certain hours of the day, even in an emergency.

Therefore, you need to ask the blockchain marketing agency about their operating hours. You should seek the services of an agency with whom you share common working hours. With this, you’ll easily reach out to each other and be in a position to communicate effectively as the need arises. If you prefer to work with an agency outside your state, maybe due to your clients’ location, ensure you share the same time zone. 

In addition, they should provide a solution for situations where you need their services outside their working hours. It’d be best to agree on this before signing a contract with them.

Consider Company Beliefs And Values

Values and beliefs guide the behavior of any business as they run their operations. This aspect makes it crucial to consider the agency’s beliefs since it’ll determine how they deliver their services.

The aim is to ensure that your FinTech’s values align with the agency’s. If you’re customer-oriented, so should they. If you put quality services at the forefront of your operations rather than a paycheck, your preferred agency should do the same.

Sharing common beliefs ensures that you have a good working relationship with the blockchain marketing agency. This eliminates conflicts that consume too much time to resolve that you don’t have. 


The process of finding the right blockchain marketing agency for your FinTech firm doesn’t have to be challenging, as this article has portrayed. With proper guidance, you’ll have a seamless process devoid of any hiccups. Implement the guide given here, and you won’t go wrong with your selection process.