Looking for a particular product or service on the internet? Even if you don’t find about it on many blogs, there certainly may be one or more explainer videos on it for sure! Many product and services companies have excellent information on their website. However, others hire a top explainer video company that showcases the entire information to all its customers via a terrific explainer video. In this article, we have covered all the information regarding explainer videos and how they can put a great impact on their respective audience.

Overview of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short-form insightful videos commonly used in fulfilling sales and marketing purposes. They are the best highlighters of a company’s brand, services, or even individual products. 

Many established businesses share different explainer videos to communicate all the details of their business in an effective and compelling manner. 

These videos are either put over their websites, landing pages or shared across different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for advertising. 

Further, you shall know about the crucial elements that help in the creation of a great explainer video.

Components of a Perfect Explainer Video

There are five main key components that form a great explainer video. 

  1. Shorter video length: Professional video makers share the apt length of explainer videos to lie between 1 to 2 minutes. Thus, in under 3 minutes, your fantastic explainer video is ready to rock. 
  2. Call to action or CTA included: Every good explainer video carries a purpose and intended action that it motivates the audience to take after watching it.
  3. Superb Video quality: Video quality marks the success of the video. Therefore, it is essential to make a mark on the audience with top video quality as well as content quality so that your brand’s value proposition is shared well.
  4. Connects brand with the audience: Explainer videos are the ultimate bridge between brands and customers. It means that their tone and style match with what the brands are trying to share with the customers.
  5. Problem-solving ability: These videos address a particular problem and present the service or product as the apt answer to that problem. 

Now that you are well aware of the top features of a perfect explainer video, it is time to look at the main structure/layout of these videos. So, let’s read further!

General Structure of the video

  1. Covering what of the problem: Opening the video with the problem immediately grabs their attention and keeps them hooked to the video.
  2. Covering how of your product/service: Since the audience is now all ears to you, you can present the product/service as an absolute solution to resolve the problem.
  3. Covering why of your product/service: After you introduce your product/service, it is important to share some noteworthy features that compel them to choose you. Keep the CTA at the end so that the mission behind this video is fulfilled and your audience finally trusts you and your product/service. 

Different Types of Explainer Videos

There are various types of explainer videos that are being released by brands. Check out all the types of explainer videos to have a clear idea of what will suit your brand better.

Animated type

It is considered to be one of the most prominent types of animated explainer videos that are mainly used owing to their eye-catchy visuals that are quite easy to create. They are quite fun and cover all the business aspects in an interactive way which is more attractive than other types of videos. However, there are different styles in these videos as well. They comprise of: 

  • Infographic

With the use of different graphs, flow charts, or any other type of infographic, they utilize the smart arts to make the audience understand the core business features visually. 

  • Motion graphic

They harness the power of 3D animation to pull off the company’s products and story with different imaginative pictures rather than words. Here, objects hold the message, and the video compiles it together in an original format.

  • Chalkboard

It is a famous technique featuring a whiteboard or chalkboard to share the points just like a teacher explained on the school’s chalkboard. Their mere simplicity and quick implementation make them a favorable option.

  • Cartoon

Using numerous cartoon figures, these explainer videos cover all the detailed information in a story format to explain the products/services to the customers as their solutions to solve their problems.

  • Product Simulation

These videos showcase the product footage in action and impart an overview of the product with all the features explained vividly. Remember: the product can be both digital or a real product.

Live Action type

These videos display the live-action performed by the company’s CEO or other employees to share in-depth details about their services or products. It is quite difficult to create and holds great responsibility for making or breaking the company’s reputation. These videos mainly cover a visual tour of the product or company and need to amp up the level of creativity to keep the audience engaged throughout the video. 

Crowdfunding type

A typically longer video than the rest of the two categories, these videos can include animation or live-action or probably both too. It is quite essential to create an innovative explainer video for it as it appeals to the audience to donate funds. The number of funds raised largely rely on this video which makes it extremely important to cover all the aspects of where the funds shall be used after collection etc. 

The bottom line

All-in-all, these explainer videos are super fun to watch and save a lot of time for readers as they can grab a good amount of information in a short time. Now that you know about different types of explainer videos being created nowadays, you can seek help from explainer video companies to design the best explainer video for your business. Just share your requirements and let them work on your magical video.