Are you an Esports fan and enthusiastic about playing Esports? Betting is a great option for you to earn some real cash without going out anywhere just at the comfort of your home!

With the rise in the Esports industry, the competition has become pretty stiff! Also, Esports betting has become a huge thing in today’s tournaments for almost all the major games. If you are a naïve and want to start Esports betting, we have curated this excellent guide to help you with all the crucial terms and different types of betting!

What is Esports Betting?

Esports are competitive electronic sports mainly video gaming that is played at a large scale. Just like real sports betting, people have also started betting on players online. It is completely safe and fully reliable to perform online without any hassle.

Major Tournaments

Players and teams worldwide wait for the year-end to participate in the annual Esports tournaments conducted each year. Since these tournaments are large, a large virtual crowd gathers to witness and place bets in the games played.

The chances of winning are more in these tournaments. Hence, you will always see a large number of people betting and playing Esports. Once any player or team wins the games, it gets a huge sum of prize money and many other rewards.

These tournaments include Esports like Riot Games’ League of Legends, Valve Corporation’s The International, DOTA 2, etc. Though other small games occur around the year, these are large tournaments with big rewards to take home.

Types of Bettings

Depending on the type of tournament and the games in it, there are several betting styles. The most popular kind of betting is to place a bet on a team that is more likely to win the match or the tournament.

Let’s check out the different kinds of betting to be clear about the type and game you want to play. 

1. Handicap betting

One such betting style is called a handicap bet, wherein the underdog or the one who loses the game is offered some points. Using these points, that player has to resume the game.

On the other hand, the favorite or the winner’s task is to defeat the underdog in that game by earning the same number of points or more than what the underdog initially had.

The bookmakers keep track of the losses and the wins in a particular match. Using this information provided by the bookmaker, anyone can bet on their favorite team or player. To know more about the responsibility of the bookmaker, visit

2. Skin Betting

If you have played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then you must be quite familiar with skin betting. In this type of betting, you bet on the players or the team, and if you win, you get new skins that you can use to play the game yourself. Many games have this style of betting, and thus, it is one of the most commonly used betting styles.

3. Fantasy Betting

In fantasy betting, you place a bet on a particular team of your choice. This team then has to perform certain tricks and actions to earn points and scores. If your team scores more than others, the game is yours. You will find this betting in NFL Fantasy Leagues and DraftKings. 

4. Challenge betting

Challenge betting involves two best players who challenge each other in any game. These bets are small and similar to skin betting. However, the sites that have games with this type of bettings charge a small participation fee from the players who are placing bets on each other.

5. Social betting

It is an informal type of betting where you and your friends or any other contact, whether physical or online, can bet on you and vice versa. You can bet for skin, real cash, or any other item such as accessories, passes, etc.

Here, both parties agree to all the terms and conditions and then start their game. Sometimes there may be a tiff because you will be playing against your friends in real life, but once the game is over, everyone is back to normal.

The Bottom Line

Esports betting is highly popular in all parts of the world. Now that you know all the different types of betting online, it is time to opt for your favourite game and get going with your first Esports betting in the best way.

Do read online reviews before picking the right platform to bet online!