It’s no secret that there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to moving abroad. Aside from the emotional aspects that play a role in relocating abroad, there are also the logistics of it. So many things need to be moved – bank accounts, medical documents, memberships. . . the list goes on. One vital thing to consider is your insurance. You’ll likely need to get new insurance when you relocate to a new country, although some insurance companies will allow you to keep the benefits while living abroad. Insurance is very important when it comes to protecting you against sever financial loss. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most important types of insurance you’ll need when moving abroad.

Health insurance

Health insurance is probably one of the most important types of insurance out there. This is not only because we need to be able to take the best possible care of our health, but also because, without insurance, medical expenses can pile up really quickly, and they tend to be pretty high. Keep in mind that the benefits you received from your insurer in your home country may look very different to those in your new country in terms of benefits and payouts. For example, health insurance in the USA will likely differ from health insurance in China.

Home insurance

Our homes are often our most valuable assets, in more ways than one. Firstly, they tend to be the biggest asset in terms of money. Secondly, they tend to have a very big emotional connection to people, especially because most homes are filled with sentimental items. That’s why it’ so important to insure your new house as soon as you can. It would be a devastating loss to move to a new country and then to lose your new home in that country. When it comes to home insurance, rather safe than sorry.

Life insurance

Once again, this is a type of insurance that is incredibly important. It’s especially important if you’re the main caretaker when it comes to your family and they rely and you to provide for them. Life insurance will ensure that they are financially taken care of, even in the event of you passing. It’s not a pleasant thought, which is why so many people avoid taking out life insurance, but it is still a necessary step to take. If you’re still not sold on the idea of taking out life insurance, you can always learn more about various other reasons to get life insurance.

Car insurance

If you plan on getting a car once you’re abroad, car insurance is a must. Cars are investments, which means that there is always a big financial risk attached to getting one. That’s why you should protect yourself against possible financial loss by insuring your car. No matter how good of a driver you are, there’s always a chance of getting in an accident, and if you’re uninsured, you may need to pay the costs attached to it.

Pet insurance

If you’re lucky enough to be able to take your pet abroad with you, you should definitely consider getting pet insurance. Pet insurance from trustworthy companies like Bivvy is always a good idea – but even more so when moving abroad with your pet, since between travelling and adjusting to a new country, your pet is likely to feel some physical and emotional strain. Not to mention that your pet will probably need to see a vet more regularly for check-ups, so if your insurance covers that, it will be a bonus. Vet fees are expensive, and pet insurance is likely to ease that burden.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is recommended even for people who are just going on a short holiday, so it makes sense that it’s an absolute necessity when you’re moving abroad, since you’ll more than likely have to travel on more than one occasion. So many things that are out of our control can take place during our travels, so it’s wise to take any and all precautions you can. Travel insurance covers so many things – from accidents to lost luggage to medical expenses – that you really can’t do without it. Rather pay the money now and be able to enjoy your travels, than to have to worry about paying for any problems that may arise.

Business insurance

People move abroad for various reasons. One of these reasons is often that they are chasing a new business venture. If that’s the case, business insurance is definitely something you should look into. Businesses require a lot of money to get them up and running, and it doesn’t stop there. Running a business is always going to be an ongoing expense. And if something goes wrong and you’re the owner, you’re the one liable for any fees associated with it. Business insurance is sure to give you some peace of mind, especially if you have a small business.