When summer approaches, you might be wondering how to stay cool at night and during the daytime. There are a number of people in rush to purchase such kinds of gadgets that will keep them cool from the scorching temperature. But when purchasing these appliances including electric fans and evaporative air coolers, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

If the purchase is done without proper knowledge, chances are, you may not be able to save yourselves from the side effects of summer. This is the main reason for which it is important to come with a deep comparison between these two appliances that are playing an important role to keep the room temperature low.

Electric Fans

Almost all the electric fans are made to create a breeze by properly dispatching the air in the vicinity of a device. One thing to keep in mind is that fans are not acting to reduce the effect of summer but they are actively working to cool down your skin from the outer heat. You’ll feel satisfaction and the fan will blow cool air if the room environment is not so hot otherwise, it will blow hot air.

These kinds of fans run from a power cable but there are also mini fans that work on batteries and they can even run if you connect them to your phone. However, these kinds of fans are much less effective than other fans that are running on normal electricity. 


. You Can Choose A Smaller Fans If Your Home Is Small

There are small fans available: desktop fans are small in size however box fans are varied but you can find them smaller in depth.

. Pocket-Friendly Price

The price of the fan entirely depends on the features. There are different fans that come with distinct options. These include the materials being used, timer or the brand. If you don’t need any additional features, you can easily purchase a fan cheaply.

. Fans Can Be Hacked For More Efficacy

If you want to get cool air from the fan, you can just try putting a bowl of ice cubes in front of it. One thing is to keep in mind that you should be careful while handling all these things, since electricity and water don’t go well together.


. Fans Don’t Cool The Air

It can’t reduce the room heat. They only blow the air and that flow of air creates a cooling sensation on the skin.

. They Can Be Drying

When air flows, it accelerates the evaporation process and in this way, you can dry something faster using the fans, but that doesn’t have a good effect on your body.

 . Need Constant Cleaning

The blades are always spinning and while they do so, the dust collects and different types of contaminant particles along with it. This kind of dust may create allergies or different types of respiratory problems in the future and it is dispersed into the air when you turn on the device. This is the main reason for which the blades need to be cleaned every time before use.

. Noise

They create noise while they are spinning fast. If you don’t like the sound of the fan, then this isn’t an option for you.

. Not Very Durable

Most parts of these appliances are made out of cheaper plastic. This is the main reason for which they don’t go longer and after a certain period of time, they are also prone to different defects. 

Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers are used to cool the air just by evaporating the moisture. These kinds of devices have moisture pads around a fan and these pads are connected with a water tank that always helps to run the water. In this way, when the blades spin and air goes through these pads, they release cool air. 

Features Of Air Coolers 

  • Varying cooling speeds. Users can adjust the speed of the fan according to their needs.
  • Air filtration. This type of cooling gadget comes with an air filtration feature that helps to remove contaminant particles from the air. 
  • Can be operated through a remote control. These outstanding appliances can be controlled from a distance. 
  • Timer. It allows us to set up the time for the cooler to switch off automatically. 

Advantages Of Evaporative Coolers 

. Works Effectively To Reduce The Heat In Any Place.

These appliances are some of the best portable air coolers to reduce the heat of certain places. With the help of wet pads, they reduce the heat to a high extent.

. Low Energy Consumption.

These devices are working well with minimal energy consumption. They use the only a tenth of the electricity that the traditional AC units are consuming.

. Safer Compared To ACs.

These are safer compared to traditional Air Conditioning systems as they don’t use potentially toxic liquids.

. Maintain Proper Humidity.

These fantastic coolers are working well to maintain the humidity to a certain point on which health doesn’t get affected.

. Easy To Clean.

Cleaning is quite easy. They don’t have any complex parts and anyone can clean them by just rinsing with water.

. Don’t Need Access To Windows And Other Open Spaces.

They can be placed wherever you need. They don’t need any kind of open space to soak any outer air. 

Cons Of Evaporative Coolers 

. Not Ideal To Place In High Humidity Rooms.

They add more humidity to the rooms. If your room has more than 50% humidity, then it is not a good choice to install these coolers. 

. Higher Cost Than Most Fans.

Sometimes, these devices exceed your proposed budget, though a good effective cooler will serve you longer. 

Wrap Up 

If you think about it, evaporative coolers are an upgrade from electric fans as they have a fan inside but also use water to actually decrease the temperature of its surroundings. Evaporative coolers are sometimes costlier, but they are also more effective and the price also affects durability.