To keep up with the changing tech world, video games have changed massively. For instance, all new consoles now provide internet connectivity, social media sites, and other apps, such as Netflix, to compete with the services of phones and tablets. 

However, this has not stopped the popularity of mobile games from growing, possibly due to the multitude of free games that do not need Wifi. It has gotten to the point that new smartphone games are being tested by major developers, such as Nintendo. 

Games such as “agen poker online” are the result of this social networking & gaming.. Much of this rivalry is fantastic for adolescents, as more competition means more console and smartphone games and better quality services. 

Both playing and chatting online or offline, adolescents themselves use gaming as a social activity. New gaming communities, online e-sports competitions and the introduction of streaming games, all of which teenagers can engage in, have also contributed to wider and quicker internet access.

Social Networking & Video Games

On social media platforms, 75 percent of adolescents spend much of their time on the internet. 

Many of the social media applications that were popular in 2011 seem to have lost relevance. Apps have vanished and made room for newer apps, such as  Skype and MySpace. 

The critical mass has migrated to newer apps, with Snapchat and Instagram becoming the most common. People have maintained Facebook, however, possibly due to the Messenger app or the success of Facebook. With young adults who grew up with it, Twitter is still very popular, and as a place where celebrities can reveal the news to the world. 

Importance of Social Networking & Video Games

Today, social media applications can be classified into two categories, which I’m going to name messaging apps and social apps. Messaging apps provide private chat messaging and free call services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

They try to compete with the preinstalled applications for SMS and phones, and when someone wants to make a call, they become the first choice.

How is it playing its part in younger people’s lives?

Nowadays, teenagers are well linked to the world of gaming and they enjoy posting their social networking experiences. 

The bulk of gamers are on social networking sites, in a way or the other. Social networking sites are very useful as a medium for exchanging knowledge about new offers, promotions, game releases, and interesting facts, that not only keep their fans informed, but can help draw fresh players. 

Besides that, in the form of channels such as Twitch and Steam, players have now developed their own definition of social media.


Internet gaming is more socially available than ever before today. Gamers can talk with people they do not meet when they’re playing after the advent of multiplayer games in gaming alongside social networking. 

Not only did gaming companies broaden their social media reach by having their own endorsed page for all of the above reasons, but they also increased their advertising budget for these sites.