There are several comprehensive steps to begin conducting keyword research that optimizes SEO. A strong keyword research strategy is the foundation of effective search engine optimization. When there are not any users searching for the topics you are writing about, you will not generate any traffic. Therefore, it is essential to identify high-volume search terms before you even begin publishing content. While the process of research and preparing content around specific keywords may be challenging, it is absolutely critical for the success of your SEO, content creation, and digital marketing. Read on to learn about how to do keyword research that optimizes SEO. 

What Is Keyword Research?

To begin optimizing your website’s SEO, it is essential to learn about keyword research. Keyword research is essential to identify what people are searching for, how many users are searching for it, and in what format they are looking for that information. Simply, keyword research is the process of tracking popular search terms people enter into popular search engines like Google. Once these keywords are identified, you can strategically infuse them into your content so that you rank higher on search engines. With its direct impact on your search rankings, keyword research is a fundamental component of SEO. Before you begin tracking, you will need to learn about what keyword research is. 

What Are SERPs?

In order to begin conducting keyword research, you first need to familiarize yourself with SERPs, or search engine results pages. Simply, SERPs are the pages that search engines show in response to an internet user’s search request. On many popular search engines like Google, SERPs are divided into paid results and organic listings. While businesses can pay the search engine to be displayed in the paid results, nobody can pay to be listed organically. Every SERP is unique, even when searches contain the same keywords, phrases, or queries. Every search engine customizes results based on comprehensive factors like previous browsing history, social settings, and current location. Before you begin conducting organic keyword research to optimize your SEO strategy, be sure to learn about SERPs. 

How Does SEO Work?

Before you can begin conducting organic keyword research, you will need to understand what SEO is and how it works. SEO is the process of enhancing your content so that it ranks higher within SERPs. Search engine optimization and content go together to enhance your digital presence. The overall strategy of SEO is to rank high within the organic listings, or unpaid section of search engine results. This way, when a user looks up a certain keyword, your blog or website will show up as the top result. Since modern internet users are likely to click on one of the top five suggestions in search engine results, ranking high in search results is critical to the success of your platform. Simultaneously, optimizing SEO can help you improve user experience, usability, and social promotion for your site. 

Using A Free SEO Tool To Conduct Keyword Research 

You need to consider using a powerful, free SEO tool to conduct keyword research. Advanced tools help you generate more keyword ideas based on current SEO data. These resources help you curate thousands of profitable keyword ideas based on relevance, authority, and volume. To conduct keyword research quickly and affordable, many marketing professionals recommend using free programs like Ubersuggest. Using Ubersuggest, you can instantly search billions of potential keywords for your blog, website, or eCommerce store. 

This advanced SEO tool is great for novice marketing professionals looking to expand or optimize their content marketing strategy. The core product of Ubersuggest is 100% free. This allows you to access advanced features like, SERP analyses, keyword overviews, and backlink data entirely free of cost. Should you want to access an expanded set of features, there are additional several affordable monthly plans available. 

Tracking Top SERPs With Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is a powerful tool to help you track the top SEO pages for keywords you are pursuing. Comprehensive top SEO page reports help you discover which of your competitors’ pages are ranking for popular organic keywords and phrase. Ubersuggest will outline the top one-hundred URLs that rank for the keyword when it is searched on Google. Simultaneously, the powerful SEO tool generates powerful data about estimated monthly visits and backlinks. You can even track social signs of a website my monitoring shares on social media. Evaluating these factors, Ubersuggest will then provide you a specific domain score based on the overall strength of each page. 

Identifying New Keyword Ideas With Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an essential tool to help you identify new keyword ideas. Whether you are looking for long-tail phrases or head terms, the powerful free SEO tool can instantly return hundreds of potential results. Once you enter a domain, Ubersuggest will generate a list of the organic keywords the site currently ranks for. In addition, you can easily view data concerning search volume, position, and estimated monthly visits. Evaluating the combination of these factors, Ubersuggest will then calculate the SEO difficulty score.

There are several steps to begin conducting effective keyword research to optimize your SEO. Identifying strong, high-traffic keywords is an essential component of your content marketing, production, and promotion strategy. Once you have familiarized yourself with keyword research, SEO, and SERP analysis, you need to begin planning your marketing strategy. One of the easiest ways to streamline your keyword research efforts is by using a free SEO tool. 

Ubersuggest is a powerful resource that specializes in generating new keyword and content ideas. The process to begin tracking keywords is incredibly simple. Just enter your desired domain or seed keyword, and you can instantly access hundreds of results and suggestions. Even better, the core product of Ubersuggest is entirely free, making it an excellent choice for novice marketing professionals just getting started off. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about how to do keyword research that optimizes SEO.