The era has come when modern businesses put more effort and investment into their digital marketing strategies than traditional ones. While the latter still holds high levels of efficacy, the former is proven to be a mainstay as it can reach a wider audience and boost brand awareness easier. There are many more benefits with marketing digitally, and social media platforms are one of the most effective means. 

Social media marketing campaigns are now a must for businesses to stay ahead of the game. If you’re starting your campaign soon, it would be helpful to prepare early to have ample time to tweak and test out which strategies are more effective. Build authentic and well-engaged followers on your social media through diverse ways. 

To take your social media marketing campaign off the ground, start with this checklist:

  • Select Your Preferred Social Media Channels 

Before launching your social media marketing campaign, you must first decide on a preferable platform. A more prominent brand with a large customer base tends to have a presence on several platforms. However, if you’re just starting out your business, you can initially start slow and focus on one platform. Instead of dominating them all, you can start out with the platform where your target audience is mainly found. Here are some of the widely used platforms you can consider:

  • Instagram 

Instagram is primarily a visual network. However, it has proven effective for many businesses who use images and videos for advertising their brand and content. This interface is used primarily by eCommerce businesses and service industries like hotels, restaurants, etc. An Instagram bot allows you to grow your account seamlessly. The downside is that not everyone has an Instagram account, so you must also research to ensure that your target customers are active users of this social. 

  • Facebook 

Facebook is undoubtedly the most well-known social network, but its business applications are mixed. While many users have their Facebook accounts, some people may not be as active on them as others on social media platforms. Plus, the algorithm on Facebook makes it challenging for some businesses to target customers recently. 

  • Twitter 

Most businesses can benefit from Twitter because it’s simple to use. There is a reason why Twitter remains the platform of choice for customer service. It’s also straightforward to be linked with other social media platforms, which is why many businesses open a Twitter account along with other media. Take advantage of using hashtags and communicate more effectively and interact directly to your customers through Twitter. 

  • Create Your Account Or Profile 

Set up your complete profile once you have determined which platforms you will be using. You can only start accomplishing your goals once you have taken care of your profile and details. Provide as much information as possible about your business. This allows other people to get to know your brand better, and doing so also improves your SEO ranking.  

With a plethora of businesses in the same industry as yours, your customers would want to know all the details about the company so they can choose which one to go for. Consider sharing more details about your company’s background, history, vision, products, services, and customer reviews. Select a link or site that will allow people to recognize and discover your brand easily. 

  • Devise An Effective Content Strategy 

You will need to decide what you will post each day following your profile’s creation. This is the time for you to focus on your content strategy. The initial step is to determine your goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish, and what message do you like to share with your audience? If you’re going to be a respected industry expert, you can share and publish relevant, informative, and trustworthy content. Double-check all facts and details and ensure they’re accurate.

If you want to sell your products and services more, you can focus your content strategy on what your offerings are. You should upload photos of your products in action and people using them. Regardless of what content you post, creating a hashtag to pair with it is a smart branding move. Remember to stay consistent with your content strategy so your audience can easily recognize your voice, vision, and message.  

  • Follow Through With Your Social Media Calendar 

Finally, you need to decide how often or when to post your content. This is what a social media calendar is for. Creating all your posts at once and scheduling them ahead of time is a smart way to maintain consistency. This automated procedure gives you more leverage in doing other business tasks. This also creates a more cohesive social media campaign. 

Thankfully, many apps can be used as a social media marketing calendar. In this case, you can schedule a series of posts to go live at regular intervals depending on your preferred schedule. This effectively organizes your content and prioritizes quality since you have enough time to brainstorm and develop your content.  

  • Engage And Interact  

The importance of responding to all messages can’t be overstated. While social media platforms and accounts need to be managed well, nothing beats the importance of staying engaged and interactive with your followers and audience. Always keep in mind that no one wants their queries left unanswered, ignoring such messages shows a lack of interest in building a relationship with your customers. If you want to build rapport and give value to your audience, always be there for them.

Even if your schedule is packed with a million activities, always set aside some time in your day to clear out the inboxes for all social media channels. You can hire a person or a team for these tasks. Make sure to check your social media account at least every day to keep up with the comments, mentions, likes, and direct messages. 

Stay active by sharing posts, reposting, and liking your follower’s content. You can stay on top of mentions by turning on push notifications. No matter how busy your business is, these trivial things can go a long way in expanding your social media presence. 

  • Monitor Your Progress 

You’ll feel much better once you have all the moving parts of your social presence. However, you shouldn’t start to be lenient with all of your efforts. This is the time to check and monitor your progress. Hence, it’s best to utilize social media tools for marketers.

Monitoring your growth is essential to reach the maximum number of customers. You can use software and analytics apps to see how your social media accounts perform constantly. Keeping track of these reports is essential for accountability and ensuring your numbers continue to climb.

Navigating analytics can be confusing because each network has so many metrics to track. The essential points to look out for are your reach for each post, your follower’s growth, and the engagement with your audience. Getting your timing right is essential to extending the reach of your posts so you have to pay attention to what days and timeslot works best.


Businesses looking to establish an online presence from scratch can benefit from this checklist. You can successfully launch your social media marketing campaign when you have all these basics covered.