With global lockdown in effect, everyone is trying to keep themselves motivated and productive as they try to work from home. Considering this, in this article, we are going to take a look at the easy and effective things you can do that will help you in staying productive while you work from home.

1. Creating A Work Schedule

In order to get the most out of your day, you should start by preparing your day’s schedule that will allow you to work in an efficient manner. Moreover, this will help you avoid any backlog as you will be able to finish your work on time avoiding late-night shifts. 

Considering all this, making a work schedule is quite important, and following that as much as possible will help you improve your productivity. 

2. Creating The Perfect Workspace

It can be really tempting to start your work in bed as that’s the most comfortable space that you will find in your house. Although, working in your bed can affect your productivity and sleep. That is why most of the sleep experts recommend that you create separate spaces when it comes to sleep and work. 

Try to locate a space with less disturbance and enough space to accommodate all your necessary gadgets easily. 

3. Divide Your Work Into Small Blocks Of Time

Instead of working in long shifts, you should try to divide your work into small blocks of time as that can significantly improve your overall productivity. As you divide your work you will find all of your work more manageable. This is also effective as you will feel motivated all the time as you will get enough breaks and time to relax. This will also minimize your chances of procrastination as well. 

4. Fewer Distractions Equal More Productivity

This is universal that with fewer distractions you will be able to work in a more efficient way and will be able to finish your work on time as well. Considering this, it is really important that you limit the number of distractions around your workspace. In order to do that, you can turn off the notifications that you get from different social media apps or you can place your mobile phone on Do Not Disturb until you are done with your task.

Small kids can really affect your performance while working which is why you should try to keep them engaged while you finish your work. Establishing some ground rules with your kids can be quite effective in this case as you can also reward them, as they play on their own while you finish your work. 

5. The 10 Minute Rule

It can be really difficult for you to start working on something boring or monotonous, however, you need to finish that task in a certain amount of time. This is why you should get moving using the 10-minute rule. Here, you keep telling yourself that you just have to work for another 10 minutes and once you work for 10 minutes you can take a minute or two off from that work. This is how you will be able to finish your work without any frustration. 

6. Rewards 

As you place little rewards while working you can significantly improve your productivity and mood. For instance, once you finish the work you can watch an episode of your favorite TV show or you will get your favorite dish at dinner. These little incentives can really help you get your work done in an effective and efficient manner. 

7. Challenging Yourself 

Well if you are competitive enough, this strategy is going to help you significantly. Here, you can look at the amount of work that you finished in an hour and you can challenge yourself by trying to finish more work in the next session. This will help you surpass your limitations as you will be able to finish your work in much less time like this.

Also, try to keep a track of time as that will also help you in making the best of your schedule. 

8. Self-Care

Self-care is equally important as well, this is why in order to improve your efficiency you should not drink too much coffee or energy drinks. A healthy diet plan will keep you healthy and will surely boost your productivity. This is why you should devise a healthy diet plan and avoid any junk food while working. 

9. Experiment With Your Strategies And Work Plans

As working from home is something new for most of us, it is really common that we might not get the best work from home strategy right from the beginning. Which is why you should keep experimenting with the different strategies and work schedules in order to figure out the best plan. 


Under the current circumstances, it can be quite challenging to maintain your work efficiency while working from home. Instead of always pushing yourself for more productivity, you can take a break if you are not happy with your performance.