Creating a brand can be frustrating in many cases. If you are an entrepreneur, you have undoubtedly thought a lot about identifying your company so that it can be successful and last over time.

Around this issue, there are many myths. Today in this article today, we will tell you a few tips for creating a successful brand and corporate identity.


In the same way, it is essential to carry out, along with the questions, in-depth research about the culture in which you will be immersed and the promises that people would be waiting to receive from you.

You have to inquire always, even if the brand is already made. Constantly look for information about your consumer and always understand their needs.

Research the market, your category and direct and indirect competition, complementary and supplementary products, among others. What is being sold, what prices are in the market for your product, service or idea. What you like, what motivates, among others.

Define Your Brand

Tuning is the key to success in any brand. Remember that your brand has a reason for being and provides significant moments to your audience; therefore, investigate it in depth and build yourself according to the result that it throws at you.

Once you have chosen your character, try to stay in it, always be faithful to your brand promise and revolve around the tone of communication that you had already considered following.

Choose a Good Name

To begin with, it must be said that the name of a brand is nothing more than the magic word. It is that enunciation with which you will be known, so you must be very careful when choosing your brand name.

The brand name is the most important asset of any company and business. As mentioned in previous points, an effective brand name is easy to pronounce, write and remember. Avoid bad associations and be strategic with the name. 

Create a Logo

The logo will be the synthesis of the promise, the tone of communication, the value and the name. Therefore, try to make it attractive and precise with what you want to make your brand known.

Like the name, the logo must be simple, attractive, understandable, memorable, adaptable but with the ability to remain in time.

Raise a Differential

Identify the characteristics and benefits that make your brand different from the rest. Ah! By the way, make sure they are real and credible features and benefits. Ideally, you are continually making your audience known, both factors.

Define Your Audience

It is vitally important to define a target audience because this will be the one to whom you will direct all your brand communication. As a piece of advice within this one: it is worth segmenting this target audience in order to reach them more appropriately and more directly.

More than sales, generate experiences.

Design and carry out experiences that enrich the client’s feeling of well-being. This helps build trust and strong ties with them. Create contact networks by which you can be constantly aware of the opinion and emotions of your customers.

Be Authentic

Don’t try to imitate the look or communication of the big brands; better be yourself. If you are starting, you can take advantage of your position to attract clients who are looking for originality.


Try to make your brand offer a single idea and not many simultaneously. It is difficult, as in a person, to be exclusive, safe, practical, comfortable, economical, surprising among others, at the same time.

Many of the ways of being are not even compatible. Therefore, keep regularly reviewing who you are as a brand and strive to enhance that characteristic by showing it not only in what you offer but also in how you present it.


Communication is the key to success in all areas of life. Without communication, we cannot publicize what we have to offer, so let the outreach begin and don’t stop! There are several methods to communicate.

Finally, I recommend you review again your objectives, your scope, even your budgets and intentions as a brand.