Being a digital marketer isn’t for everyone. It has a cool, attractive ring to it – we know – but it also requires much of those who enter into this field. Therefore, some degree of thought should go into the decision to make sure it’s the right type of work for you. 

To give you a better idea about what to expect, here are 9 reasons why you should become a digital marketer. 

  • Reason #1 – It’s an Established Career

Some jobs are just that – jobs. They come and they go. They don’t last indefinitely because there’s sometimes only a short-term need for the service. That’s not the case with digital marketing. 

It’s a growing field that has been expanding every year since it began when the internet started to come into the consciousness of the larger public. While early adopters were the academics and (initially) small startups, it was only when faster internet speeds and more powerful computers arrived that internet usage grew sufficiently. Then there was a need to market to the people on the internet too.

To get a serious foot in the door, it’s useful to have a qualification that covers the facets of digital marketing that are the most important. The field of digital marketing analytics is a definite game-changer for companies because it provides the answers to so many questions about consumers and their behavior online. 

Learning how to access the data and manipulate it to get the answers you’re needing is vital. If you study a digital marketing analytics course, it should cover all your bases. When doing so, it will put you ahead of the pack against a field of less qualified applicants. And that’s what you want. 

  • Reason #2 – The Career Isn’t Going Anywhere

What do we mean? We mean that it’s unlikely to get downsized, outsourced, or otherwise disappear because technology (robots, etc.) has made you no longer needed. 

You’re Better Than a Robot

Let’s face it, companies are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of the labor force. If they can get a robot or another solution that can do what an employee is doing, they’ll drop them as fast as they can. It’s a problem being faced right now across numerous industries, so it’s good to be aware of it. 

The Threat from China, India, and Elsewhere

The global labor market is a problem for anyone where their job can be done elsewhere for less. This is also a real threat to people’s livelihood and something everyone should put some thought into when deciding to be a digital marketer. 

While it’s perhaps true that some activities can be outsourced to an agency in a far-off land, there are a few problems with doing that:

  • Corporations are worried about company secrets and proprietary information getting leaked in the third world where intellectual property protections aren’t as strong
  • The quality of the work and its consistency are harder to manage
  • Detailed work tends to get lost in translation when it needs to be discussed

As such, many of the different aspects of digital marketing aren’t suitable for outsourcing to save costs. Bits of it are, and we’ll increasingly see some work being passed to lower-cost agencies, but poor results often see that work later being brought back in-house. 

  • Reason #3 – You’re Mr. Analytics (But Not an Accountant)

Okay, so maybe you’re great with numbers and data, but you’re not great with financials? Well, then working as an accountant probably isn’t for you, but a digital marketing role may come calling. 

Many digital marketers dive deep into the data to help companies figure out what’s working, what’s not, who’s buying, and why, and to create solutions in the data stream. Data Analysts and other fancy titles cover roles where the marketer becomes someone who digs through the data, runs reports, examines the results, and looks for meaningful insights. 

For people who are less creative than most in digital marketing, then the data side suits their analytical brain. Creatives also can benefit from appreciating where the data comes from and what information it can provide because often what they’ll create originated from the analysis. 

  • Reason #4 – It Pays Well

It depends on what part of digital marketing that you go into, but generally speaking, the field pays a decent salary. It needs to because there’s considerable demand for people with strong abilities and it’s not the easiest of work to do. 

There are also many different potential job titles and focus areas for employees who work in digital marketing. So, while a webmaster may manage the website for an SME, enterprises will have more use for people who specialize in various niches within the profession. This also leads to Directorial positions in Data Analysis that in turn have a team of data specialists answering to them. 

  • Reason #5 – Promotional Prospects

As we just touched on, there are plenty of promotional prospects in companies that can support several digital marketing roles. When you want to gain experience as a recently qualified graduate and then have the ability to move up within the organization, it’s necessary to find a major corporation or a sizable digital marketing agency. Either one will have the hierarchical levels to climb, including management. This allows longevity with the same employer, rather than necessitating a move every time to get a promotion to a higher position. 

Not needing to move companies to get a promotion each time avoids unnecessary disruption, a change in work patterns, regular routines, and such. While some people like the change, others prefer to stick with people they know and a single company for as long as possible. Not hopping from company to company also looks better on a resume. 

  • Reason #6 – Change the Type of Work, But Not the Career

Some qualifications or career choices are something where you’re stuck in it after you’ve qualified, or you’ve gained experience on the job. Then, if you wish to leave, you’ll need to cast around for a different type of new job. At which point, you may have little relevant experience and any qualifications will be a mismatch for it too. That’s a tough deal when up against other job applicants who are not in the same boat. 

With digital marketing, it covers so many different types of work. As such, you can make a switch from a social media manager to an SEO specialist, or even get into web development or advertising for a brand. The work is extremely varied but it all still falls under the general digital marketing banner. Therefore, it’s a safer bet because there are many job options where past marketing experience or relevant qualifications will still have value. 

  • Reason #7 – Start Your Own Agency or Other Business Type

Being an employee, you may discover that it’s not your happy place. That might come as a shock to you after working a few years as an employee, or you may know right away. 

The good news is that you can take your experience and create an agency to serve clients or a completely different business. Taking advantage of your digital marketing knowledge is simple enough because it’s a skill set that is required at pretty much every business now. Therefore, it’s very adaptable to different situations including providing B2B services. 

If you prefer to be a business owner, then you’ll still have a clear understanding of digital marketing and what’s required for it. This will help you to recruit the first employees because you’re cut from similar cloth. 

  • Reason #8 – Fresh Challenges Daily

Whether you’re in charge of managing a difficult pay-per-click advertising campaign, the email newsletter for the company, or finding new useful nuggets from big data, each day is never the same. There will be fresh challenges that ensure you’ll keep busy and never get bored. Each day will present new obstacles to overcome and opportunities to exceed your expectations (and that of others too). Not every job is like that. 

  • Reason #9 – Meet Interesting People

While everyone is different, digital marketing tends to attract creative, quizzical people who like to get stuck into things. The desire to produce something useful, to make a difference, and get ahead are common traits of people who work in the digital marketing field.

It’s quite common that broad friendships are formed across different aspects of the digital marketing space because of this kinship. The usual competitive line isn’t always as evident because insights are often readily shared in a group setting. Such findings are new to everyone or have been sufficiently refined from initial concepts that can benefit a broad spectrum of marketers. 

Admittedly, there are many reasons to want to be a digital marketer. Yet, it isn’t for everyone. A gregarious or inquisitive nature, a thirst for knowledge, some creativity, and a mind for figures are all hugely beneficial. The degree of benefit from each one largely depends on where the specialization comes in, but it can all help.